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Exploration: The Third Edition of the Happy Collective
This is our third edition. This one was difficult to release because we were all very busy but it still contains some of our favorite pieces
Uploaded by thehappycollective on 03/28/2011
Digital publication details: 24 pages.

The Conflict of The Individual and The Collective
David O'Brien's Architectural Thesis from the Dublin School of Architecture, D.I.T., 2012. It analysed the relationship between private and public space in generating a community, and the importance of acheiving a balance in spatial conditions.
Uploaded by davidobrien6 on 06/16/2012
Digital publication details: 104 pages.

English Lesson Collective
A compilation of student work from Critical Reading and Writing, Fall 2010 at the Parsons School of Design
Uploaded by betterthanliving on 12/10/2010
Digital publication details: 69 pages.

entanglement ( personas / metaconstructs )
fluid, fractal and holographic experiential interface for creative explorations of interplay and ambience between organisms and environments fluid framework defining constraints of unintentionality. help activate awareness of entanglement. the deep level interplay of realities and their patterns. fluid / fractal / holographic.
Uploaded by gavinkeech on 12/30/2009
Digital publication details: 443 pages.

Mongrel is a place where the exploration of our collective interests is indulged with the same fervent passion that has fuelled our study for the past three years.
Uploaded by jamesuden on 06/13/2012
Digital publication details: 40 pages.
Tags: food · collective · culture · music · film · politics · mongrel

Brazilian Journal of Cardiovascular Surgery 28.1 - 2013
The Revista Brasileira de Cirurgia Cardiovascular – RBCCV is the official organ of the Sociedade Brasileira de Cirurgia Cardiovascular – SBCCV (Brazilian Society for Cardiovascular Surgery)
Uploaded by rbccv on 05/23/2013
Digital publication details: 178 pages.

Nico International #2 2008
international, collective of journalistes, photographer, stylistes, illustrator
Uploaded by maisonmoderne on 12/31/2007
Digital publication details: 232 pages.

The Evolution of Expertise in Decision Support Technologies: A Challenge for Organizations
This study provides insight from an evolutionary perspective of expertise that has shaped the field of decision support technologies. The investigation sets out to reveal the changing landscape of expertise in supporting decision-making using technology and sheds light on the new role that experts will play in organizational decision-making. The results show significant changes in how decision-making is being made which challenge the traditional role of experts and non-experts. Finally, this paper explores opportunities from an artificial intelligence methodological standpoint in design for decision support technology integration and
Uploaded by sdiasio on 03/22/2010
Digital publication details: 6 pages.

Diaspora for Development in Africa
This book consolidates research and evidence on how diaspora of developing countries can be a potent force for development through remittances, trade, investment, knowledge, and technology transfers.
Uploaded by on 05/05/2011
Digital publication details: 358 pages.

Journey Magazine
Hawker Beechcraft are one of the world's leading aircraft manufacturers. Our brief was to create an intelligent lifestyle title that is distributed to their highly-targeted audience of HNW individuals. Custom publishing titles in this sector tend to regurgitate luxury-brand Press Releases which hope to pander to the audience’s perceived 'expensive' taste. We have taken a different approach and created a magazine that people actually want to read… The layout is modern and elegant with a functional feel. The printed edition is tactile using beautiful uncoated paper; the digital edition is available in two languages (English and Russian) with added dynamic content and video. The result is a sleek, sophisticated and intellectually challenging package that arrives at your home (or on your iPad) three times per year. For your complimentary digital edition, search on the Apple iTunes App Store for 'HBC Journey'.
Uploaded by zerocollective on 11/07/2011
Digital publication details: 43 pages.
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