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Knowledge Generation in Developing Countries: A Theoretical Framework for Exploring Dynamic...
In the case of events such as fundamental regulatory reforms or radical technological advances, firms have to undertake discontinuous or dynamic learning. Such learning involves the generation of new capacity through the acquisition of new knowledge and the combination of it with the firm's existing accumulated knowledge. In developing countries the challenge for firms to develop new competencies through dynamic learning is more complex due to political and economic complexities. This paper discusses the limitations of existing frameworks for analysing the process aspect of transformation and proposes a theoretical framework with which to explore dynamic learning in firms from developing countries. The proposed theoretical framework is based on a constructivist approach to organisational knowledge and uses the concept of absorptive capacity. The responses of large pharmaceutical firms to biotechnological change are used to illustrate the areas under investigation. The theoretical...
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eurie creative
a graphic communications firm capabilities brochure
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A framework of outcomes for young people
There is substantial and growing evidence that developing social and emotional capabilities supports the achievement of positive life outcomes, including educational attainment, employment and health. Capabilities such as resilience, communication, and negotiation are also increasingly cited as being the foundations of employability. Yet, at the same time the very services that most explicitly focus on supporting young people to develop these capabilities are under unprecedented financial pressure. This report outlines a step by step approach to measuring these capabilities in practice, that is illustrated in four case studies that exemplify how the Framework might be used by providers, commissioners and funders.
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Agricultural Innovation Systems: Part 2
Managing the ability of agriculture to meet rising global demand and to respond to the changes and opportunities will require good policy, sustained investments, and innovation - not business as usual. Investments in public Research and Development, extension, education, and their links with one another have elicited high returns and pro-poor growth, but these investments alone will not elicit innovation at the pace or on the scale required by the intensifying and proliferating challenges confronting agriculture. Experience indicates that aside from a strong capacity in Research and Development, the ability to innovate is often related to collective action, coordination, the exchange of knowledge among diverse actors, the incentives and resources available to form partnerships and develop businesses.
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Collective Presencing: a new human capacity
Part one in the Collective Presencing Series - first published in Kosmos Journal, Spring/summer 2012
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Integrating Decision Support Systems: Expert, Group,and Collective Intelligence
Organizations today face a changing environment, where external conditions change rapidly, organizational structures are more flat and dispersed, and where the traditional roles of experts have been “squeezed” or of decreased importance. These converging factors have importance for organizations’ ability to remain competitive. These evolving trends present challenges and opportunities for organizations in which information technology will play a vital role in supporting and facilitating decision-making. The paper aims to understand how integration of expert systems, group decision support systems, and collective intelligence tools can enhance decision-making.
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Collective Collections, Collective Actions
Issue 10, 2012
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CPG Architects - Collective Design Associates Featurette
CPG Architects out of Stamford, Conn. seeks to create th kind of work spaces where employees look forward to Mondays.
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NADI Show Guide 2009
Experience an exclusive collection of the world's finest showrooms, along with a panel discussion, gala events and the magic of New York in December.
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Now & Next: Future of Engagement
This report highlights the ten most important frontiers that will define the future of engagement for marketers, entrepreneurs and changemakers: Crowdfunding, Behavior Change Games, Collaborative Social Innovation, Grassroots Change Movements, Co-creation Communities, Social Curation, Transmedia Storytelling, Collective Intelligence, Social Live Experiences and Collaborative Consumption. Now & Next: Future of Engagement is also available as a Kindle eBook and will soon be available as an interactive iPad app. Do subscribe to receive an invite to download a free copy of the app -
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