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Role of Information Systems for Strategic Agility in Supply Chain Setting: Telecommunication...
Abstract: The ability of a company to either adapt to the changes in the business environment or to influence the environment, for example by innovations, determines its success in gaining competitive advantage or even survival in the contemporary busines s environment. Both scholars and practitioners are constantly devising ways to survive the environmental pressures, such as, information overload, technological advances and obsolescence and globalization. This research proposes strategic agility comprise d of strategic sensitivity, strategic response and collective capabilities as one such business virtue required. One such competitive and complex industry is Telecommunication industry and this study makes use of a company in that industry to investigate strategic agility and information systems (IS) role in promoting strategic agility. In addition, the supply chain setting is considered because of its significance in the industry as one of the competitive factors. The research...
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A Primer on Organizational Learning
Organizational learning is the ability of an organization to gain insight and understanding from experience through experimentation, observation, analysis, and a willingness to examine successes and failures. There are two key notions: organizations learn through individuals who act as agents for them; at the same time, individual learning in organizations is facilitated or constrained by its learning system.
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Agricultural Innovation Systems: Part 1
Managing the ability of agriculture to meet rising global demand and to respond to the changes and opportunities will require good policy, sustained investments, and innovation - not business as usual. Investments in public Research and Development, extension, education, and their links with one another have elicited high returns and pro-poor growth, but these investments alone will not elicit innovation at the pace or on the scale required by the intensifying and proliferating challenges confronting agriculture. Experience indicates that aside from a strong capacity in Research and Development, the ability to innovate is often related to collective action, coordination, the exchange of knowledge among diverse actors, the incentives and resources available to form partnerships and develop businesses.
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State of the Art: The Energy Sector in Chile
A landscape of Chilean research and capabilities on the subject of Energy.
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An IC-based Conceptual Framework for Developing Organizational Decision Making Capability
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Carolina Agency Capabilities
Carolina Agency Capabilities
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MAM Capabilities Brochure
This Brochure describes the capabilities of our firm
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Atlantic Voices Vol 3. no. 2
Quint Hoekstra examines the consequences of the ongoing inequality between the financial commitments of NATO members and the impact this will have on future operations. He analyzes how NATO’s goals of attaining greater interoperability and new capabilities are effected by ongoing budget constraints and that these goals can be jeopardized if defense spending between European nations and the US is not rebalanced. A group of selected students were engaged in a meaningful debate on the future of Euro-Atlantic security. Together with ATA experts, they outlined a new vision and set of priorities for the Transatlantic community to ensure that NATO remains prepared for future challenges.
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An IC-based Conceptual Framework for Developing Organizational Decision Making Capability
Organizations need to be able to access, coordinate and integrate knowledge more efficiently than ever before to make sense of the complex and unpredictable forces shaping business conditions. Often knowledge is sourced from diverse yet interconnected networks of individual experts and organisations. In this environment, it is hard to ensure that decisions are based on the best available knowledge and do not work against one another. More alliances and inter-organizational partnerships and various contractual relationships with individuals broaden the range of perspectives and values to be considered, which makes it even harder to determine what a "good" decision looks like. The proposition underpinning this research is that intellectual capital investments can help turn organizational decision making into the dynamic capability required to handle a changing world. The aim is to present a conceptual framework that can be used to target these investments more effectively. A focused...
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China’s Military and the U.S.-Japan Alliance in 2030: A Strategic Net Assessment
China’s Military and the U.S.-Japan Alliance in 2030: A Strategic Net Assessment
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