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[Case Study] Tyco Fire & Security Slashes Costs with Arkadin conferencing & collaboration solutions
Arkadin conferencing solution gives its clients the impetus to grow at a faster rate with reduced cost levels by way of providing apt communication between all levels of management. Read this case study including the words of Srikanth Mattipalli, IT Director - Tyco Fire and Security India, who gives an insight into their internal system and the role Arkadin played in improving it.
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How to Make your Business Collaboration Platform Successful
A social collaboration platform brings great efficiency to work processes, and all successful enterprise collaboration platforms share certain attributes.
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Social Business Collaboration 2012
From Business Collaboration to Enterprise Social Intelligence Social Intelligence & Business Collaboration - Creating a company-wide effective governance strategy for your collaboration framework - The Social Workplace: Rethinking Communication and Collaboration Content & Information Management - Usability & Content Management – User Experience, User Engagement & User centred design Portals & User Experience - Developing business strategies for implementing new tools in Portals / Collaboration Lifecycle Management - Creating cost effective synergies Mobility, Content & Apps Integration & Business Evaluation - Linking Apps and Mobile Services - Directions in Mobile Devices and the Management Challenges Ahead Share-Point Evolution - What is the Prescribed Methodology to manage a successful upgrade to SharePoint 2010? Constructing a Successful Roadmap for SharePoint Integration & Relaunch & Share Point Lifecycle Management
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Global Mobile Collaboration Industry Trends 2012 -
TechNavio's analysts forecast the Global Mobile Collaboration market to grow at a CAGR of 11.95 percent over the period 2012-2016. To Buy A Copy Of This Report: For All Latest Reports Kindly visit:
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Enterprise Collaboration Software Team bonding in a Global enterprise
Technological innovations and customer requirements have facilitated the globalization of businesses.
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Why a Collaboration Platform is More Suitable for SMES
In today’s market competition, enterprises need to constantly better their product creation. It is often construed that IT enablement is not as critical for small and medium organizations as it is for large organizations. However, it is the SMEs that have a necessity to scale and deliver faster.
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Review of Social Business Collaboration 2012/Upcoming topics for Social Business Collaboration 2013
Have an overview of our 2012 Social Business Collaboration conference and find out which topics will be discussed at the Social Business Collaboration 2013!
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The Spectrum of Collaboration in Organizations
Exploring the Nature of Collaboration in Organizations by Bryan Coffman Collaboration means people working together to achieve something that they cannot achieve working separately. All organizations are founded upon and persist because of their ability to foster collaborative work. Without this ability, organizations can achieve none of their aims. The purpose of this white paper is to explore the parameters that define the nature of collaboration in organizations.
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Business Collaboration with Social Media Network
The definition of business has completely changed today. It is no longer an enterprise run by a handful of decision makers. Today the environment has become more dynamic with increased global competition.
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Facilitating Collaboration in the Design Stage of Complex, Multi-stakeholder Projects
Complex projects that involve multiple stakeholder groups usually require a greater degree of collaboration than other types of projects. These types of projects can generally be seen as three major, overlapping processes: strategy, design-build, and operations. This paper focuses on how to facilitate the collaboration of diverse stakeholders through the design-build stage of the process.
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