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Thought Leadership: Building and Managing the Cloud Ecosystem
CIOs must have a coordinated cloud ecosystem strategy to help the enterprise achieve greater agility, simplicity, scalability, efficiency, and innovation, and to drive more cost-effective operations. Read Infosys "Thought Leadership: Building and Managing the Cloud Ecosystem".
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Thought Leadership:Building and Managing the Cloud Ecosystem
CIOs must have a coordinated cloud ecosystem strategy to help the enterprise acheive greater agility, simiplicity, scalability, efficiency, and innovation and to drive more cost-effective operations.
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Lifting the Fog on Cloud - Cloud Computing
"There’s a massive Cloud build-up on the horizon and the forecast promises a rain of benefits for the enterprise. ‘Cloud’ is no more a buzzword. The enabling power of the Cloud is helping enterprises transform the way they do business. Winning in today’s market needs agility, flexibility, efficiency, innovation, and cost-effectiveness. With IT as the game-changer, enterprises need to turn to the Cloud to gain breakout opportunities. The burning question today is no longer ‘Whether or not to adopt the Cloud’. Instead, the query is: ‘What is the right approach to maximize business value from the Cloud?’ Read the whitepaper to know why an Enterprise needs a proven Cloud Ecosystem Integrator as their navigator on the Cloud Journey."
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Cloud Computing - What beyond operational efficiency?
Cloud Computing is one of the most talked about emerging technology trends today. While the short term driver for cloud computing adoption has been IT optimization for cost savings, this paper explores its potential for fundamentally changing business models. This paper elaborates how the internet consumer industry has innovated at a rapid pace, explores how this has changed the consumer mindset and how this is going to drive the Global 2000 enterprises to adopt similar approaches in the long term and the role cloud computing will play in that. This paper also explores how such an enterprise/industry transformation has fundamentally changed the business models in the telecom industry, which is one of the earliest adopters, and what other industry leaders can learn from it.
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Water Security and Ecosystem services
In view of the importance on water security in supporting human survival and economic livelihoods, as well as water needs of the ecosystem providing these services, the efforts of the working group in preparing these document are grateffuly acknowledged
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2012-2017 Cloud Telephony Market Analysis & Forecast Report
The Cloud Telephony ecosystem includes cloud telephony providers, smartphone manufacturers, cloud telephony API providers, and various customers such as large corporations, SMB, and various intermediaries.
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Ecosystem Value Study Report Li Diqiang ENSM
Ecosystem Value Study Report Li Diqiang ENSM
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Enterprise Cloud Adoption - Year 2012 in Review
In 2012, what were the key cloud engagements and use-cases for cloud adoption? Which industries led cloud adoption? Which geographies provided greater opportunities? This research provides answers to these questions and more. Buyers will find it useful to understand where they can deploy cloud solutions and benchmark against the industry adoption trends. Providers will find value in understanding their evolving roles in the cloud ecosystem and strategize accordingly
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Optimizing Cloud Computing Through Cross- Domain Provisioning
Read how the Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) assesses GaleForce a flagship of Gale technologies as a provider of effective & flexible ways of optimizing virtualized & hybrid infrastructures without hampering the application performance.
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Source Cloud
This compendium of articles on cloud covers various aspects of cloud that services professionals need to understand. Trust that the collection helps you advance your thinking about cloud for the present and serves as a resource to guide you in your efforts to adopt cloud in the future.
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