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Cloud Computing Definition
‘Cloud’ is a cliché, used as a metaphor for Internet – when combined with ‘Computing’ it narrates an internet-based computing. In simple words cloud computing comprises of virtual servers provided over the Internet for the organization through which various services are delivered to the client including storage & applications.
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Thought Leadership: Building and Managing the Cloud Ecosystem
CIOs must have a coordinated cloud ecosystem strategy to help the enterprise achieve greater agility, simplicity, scalability, efficiency, and innovation, and to drive more cost-effective operations. Read Infosys "Thought Leadership: Building and Managing the Cloud Ecosystem".
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Cloud Computing: A Practical Approach
We were fortunate enough to be able to talk with a lot of very talented people while preparing this book for you. We spoke not only to people who implemented their own cloud solutions, but also those who help develop cloud solutions, as well as officers of several major cloud solution providers.
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Cloud Computing - What beyond operational efficiency?
Cloud Computing is one of the most talked about emerging technology trends today. While the short term driver for cloud computing adoption has been IT optimization for cost savings, this paper explores its potential for fundamentally changing business models. This paper elaborates how the internet consumer industry has innovated at a rapid pace, explores how this has changed the consumer mindset and how this is going to drive the Global 2000 enterprises to adopt similar approaches in the long term and the role cloud computing will play in that. This paper also explores how such an enterprise/industry transformation has fundamentally changed the business models in the telecom industry, which is one of the earliest adopters, and what other industry leaders can learn from it.
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Connecting the Dots: Cloud and SOA
"How is SOA connected with cloud computing? What is the relevance of SOA to cloud and how is it applicable? These are often asked questions in perspective of cloud as a service oriented model. SOA and cloud are complementary to each other and they help each other to grow and, they can be pursued either independently or concurrently. An effective practice of both these concepts will help enterprises to be more efficient and agile. Read the paper to understand how SOA has helped cloud become what it is today and how it will continue to play a significant role in future."
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Demystifying The Cloud-iON Cloud ERP
Cloud computing of late has become the new buzz word joining the ranks of terms including; grid computing, utility computing, virtualization, clustering, etc. However the problem is that everyone seems to have a different definition..
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The Adoption of Cloud Computing by Irish SMEs an Exploratory Study
Abstract: Cloud Computing adoption has experienced a considerable rate of growth since its emergence in 2006. By 2011, it had become the top technology priority for organizations worldwide and according to some leading industry reports the cloud computing market is estimated to reach $241 billion by 2020. Reasons for adoption are multi-fold, including for example the expected realisation of benefits pertaining to cost reduction, improved scalability, improved resource utilization, worker mobility and coll aboration, and business continuity, among others. Research into cloud computing adoption has to date primarily focused on the larger, multinational enterprises. However, one key area where cloud computing is expected to hold considerable promise is for th e Small and Medium Sized Enterprise (SME). SMEs are recognized as being inherently different from their large firm counterparts, not least from a resource constraint perspective and for this reason, cloud computing is reported...
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Optimizing Cloud Computing Through Cross- Domain Provisioning
Read how the Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) assesses GaleForce a flagship of Gale technologies as a provider of effective & flexible ways of optimizing virtualized & hybrid infrastructures without hampering the application performance.
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Cloud Computing - Key Considerations for Adoption
This whitepaper provides key considerations that the enterprises need to take into account before embarking on cloud computing offerings. The key considerations dealt in this article are mainly from the perspective of consumers/users of cloud computing services rather than from the perspective of providers/vendors of cloud computing services.
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Infosys - Primer about Windows Azure
This paper is an introduction on Windows Azure and provides insights into different aspects of Azure based development especially for those who are interested in adopting Windows Azure within their Enterprise IT landscape. Read infosys white paper "Infosys - Primer about Windows Azure".
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