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Citynet Malaysia Experiance
Malaysia DEC 03-07 2012
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Asian Sanitation Data Book 2008: Achieving Sanitation for All
Sanitation has long been an issue that has received little attention due to its complexity. The absence of relevant data has hindered cities and local governments from adopting appropriate policies and strategies to meet the provision of “sanitation for all.” Moreover, technologies that reflect the needs of communities, as well as the communities’ ability and willingness to pay for better sanitation, are limited.
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Partnership for Local Capacity Development
This publication has been prepared as background documentation for the Dialogue on the “Strengthening of Local Authorities” during the 19th Session of the Governing Council of UN-HABITAT. It is a joint report of UN-HABITAT and the local government community on the benefits of city-to-city learning and mutual support which highlights the broad range and diversity of decentralised cooperation practices, showcases the variety of complementary options for supporting cities in their cooperation, and draws forward looking conclusions regarding opportunities to improve the scope of both decentralised cooperation and international support.The agreed “Partnership for Local Capacity Development (PLCD)” is designed to promote cohesion and collective efficiency in the international support available to the development of local capacities for sustainable urbanisation.
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in force
in force magazine
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In Force Magazine
March 2010
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Employee Survey - Internal Communications
The City of College Station conducted a short, 10-question survey of its employees from Oct. 1-15 on internal communications. The reponse rate was 39 percent, with 307 employees completing the survey.
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SEOUL Magazine 2009 October
Seoul's Best Travel Magazine in English Language! Monthly Magazine for Foreigners and Tourists in Seoul SEOUL is a monthly, English language magazine that provides a wealth of information for foreigners in Seoul. With in-depth reporting on culture and living, foreigners' perspectives on living in Korea, overview of Seoul events and cultural news, SEOUL magazine is an indispensable resource for those who want an insider's viewpoint of Seoul life. SEOUL magazine is jointly published by Seoul Selection and the Seoul Metropolitan Government.
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In Force Magazine
April 2010
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Water and Disaster
High-level Expert Panel on Water and Disaster/UNSGAB Published by: World Water Council Date: March 2009 Pages: 21
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The Water Community of Practice (CoP)
The Water Community of Practice (CoP) consists of a group of volunteer ADB staff dedicated toward achieving ADB's vision of Water for All. The Water Committee serves as the think tank for the CoP. This small group within the CoP provides advice on the strategic direction of ADB's water operations. This report evaluates the work of the ADB Water Community of Practice in 2009 and illustrates its contributions with good practices and lessons learned.
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