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Vol. 6: #48 "NOTABLE WOMEN" (11/21/10) Tidbits of Coachella Valley
Lead Story: NOTABLE WOMEN 2nd Story: Music Legend BETTE MIDLER 3rd Story: "C" Creatures Celebrity Extra: John O'Hurley, CCH Pounder AVATAR, HBO's Big Love, Napoleon Dynamite sequel? - Everyday Cheapskate: Life After a Financial Hardship - Cats, Dogs and Other People: Letter of the Law - Lifelong Health: The Benefits of Aspirin Outweigh Side Effects - Your Social Security: When Seniors Become Disabled - To Your Good Health: Tough Dandruff Calls for a Prescription - Senior News Line: Here's Why You Need a Flu Shot - Dear Doug: Holiday Miracles - Antique or Junque: Game Plate is a Winner - Dollars and Sense: Identity Theft Protection Services
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Digital publication details: 16 pages.

Cryptids - Origins 1 to 3
Join and immerse yourself in the lives of three undervalued teenagers who have had their fair share of hard times. Resourceful and cunning Andrew Canis is the only child of an alcoholic-abusive father who stumbles upon a shocking family secret that allows him to put his guilty father behind bars, shy Sara Leo is the un-loved saviour child who constantly lives in the shadow of her cancer-riddled sister and reclusive pastor-son Robert Avery has been abandoned by both his adopted parents, an act that makes him question God’s existence. They yearn for a better life, they collectively plan to run away together and leave their miserable lives. The trio of misfits couldn’t be more different. The one thing they all have in common is spirit. Oh, and they can each morph into one animal. Andrew is the wolf, Sara the leopard and Robert the eagle. For evolution-obsessed Andrew, this is a dream come true.
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Tags: adventure · novel · fantasy

Volume 60 Issue 22
Volume 60 Issue 22
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Digital publication details: 23 pages.
Tags: news · volume60 · issue22

Glassworks Spring 2013
Issue 6: A Magazine of literature, media, and art.
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Digital publication details: 68 pages.

August 2008 Paranormal Underground
At Paranormal Underground, our mission is to publish the highest-quality e-Magazine for our readers. We strive to keep you updated on news from the paranormal world, as well as tackle the topics that most interest paranormal enthusiasts, researchers, and investigators. We hope you’ll find our publication entertaining and informative.
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Digital publication details: 56 pages.

August 2008 Paranormal Underground
Paranormal Underground August 2008 E-Mag
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Digital publication details: 56 pages.

Hege: Vol. 4 Issue 2
Hegemonocle - Spring 2011 (2)
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Digital publication details: 32 pages.

Seahorse Rodeo Folk Review
September 2010 Issue
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Digital publication details: 37 pages.

Lake Bridgeport 2011
stories, pictures and local advertising for Bridgeport Lake in Bridgeport, Texas.
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Digital publication details: 64 pages.
Tags: bridgeport · 2011 · lake

Tatis Aut Rnatquam
book comprised of generated text
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Digital publication details: 500 pages.
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