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Written for everyone who loves and is simultaneously driven crazy by the holiday season, Christmas: A Candid History provides an enlightening, entertaining perspective on how the annual Yuletide celebration got to be what it is today. In a fascinating, concise tour through history, the book tells the story of Christmasfrom its pre-Christian roots, through the birth of Jesus, to the holiday's spread across Europe into the Americas and beyond, and to its mind-boggling transformation through modern consumerism. Packed with intriguing stories, based on research into myriad sources, full of insights, the book explores the historical origins of traditions including Santa, the reindeer, gift giving, the Christmas tree, Christmas songs and movies, and more. The book also offers some provocative ideas for reclaiming the joy and meaning of this beloved, yet often frustrating, season amid the pressures of our fast-paced consumer culture. DID YOU KNOW For three centuries Christians did not celebrate Christmas? Puritans in England and New England made Christmas observances illegal? St. Nicholas is an elf in the famous poem "The Night Before Christmas"? President Franklin Roosevelt changed the dateof Thanksgiving in order to lengthen the Christmas shopping season? Coca-Cola helped fashion Santa Claus's look in an advertising campaign?
Category: History. ISBN: 9780520251045

The Survival Guide to Gift Giving- Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Any Occasion
You can survive the holidays with this ebook guide to giving great gifts without breaking the bank. This book is chunked full of awesome gift ideas for anniversaries, birthdays, christmas, father's day and mother's day. Plus helpful tips.
Category: House & Home. ISBN: 9781105897399

Christmas Ideas: The Ultimate Guide to Christmas Decorations, Christmas Ornaments and More
The holiday season is approaching once again and that means lots of shopping at least for most people. Regardless of whether you're looking for the perfect gift for a spouse, girl/boyfriend, mother, father, son, daughter, cat, et cetera, every year has its trends, especially among children Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, He-Man, Cabbage Patch Dolls, Furbies, Tickle-Me Elmos, Giga Pets, Beanie Babies, the list goes on and on. In times more recent, of course, and with the older set, Apple iPods have been, and continue to be quite popular.In this ebook, you'll find helpful tips on Christmas ideas, Christmas lights, Christmas decorations, Christmas tree, Christmas ornaments, Christmas stockings, Christmas gifts and more.
Category: Crafts & Hobbies. ISBN: 9781329567542

Gift Ideas: The Complete Guide to Gifts for Men, Anniversary Gifts, Personalized Gifts and More
In this ebook, you'll find helpful tips on affordable luxury gift ideas, cheap gift ideas, gift ideas for dad, gift ideas for mom, anniversary gifts, personalized gifts, christmas gift ideas and more.GRAB A COPY TODAY!
Category: Family & Relationships. ISBN: 9781329555778

Best Ideas
Gordon, Randy, and Travis have been lovers for years. When their plans for Christmas this year are scuttled by the demands of Randy's job, Travis and Gordon are left trying to make the best of things without him.
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 9781615811021

Christmas Fun
Christmas Time is fun time with this 5 ebook collection of everything you need for Christmas from shopping, creative tree dcor, Christmas sing-alongs to elf tricks to play on the family all month long. This Christmas encyclopedia includes Christmas Chime Sing Along to Your Favorite Christmas Songs, Dress Your Tree Christmas Tree Color and Theme Ideas, Mischief The Ebook Collection of Mischievous Elf Activites, Elf Gone Bad Adult Version of Mischievous Elf Activities and Mischief and Santa's Broke Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Surviving Christmas.
Category: Family & Relationships. ISBN: 9781304374257

A Weaver Christmas Gift
Help Wanted: Husband Jane Cohen is in a quandary: she needs a man for her baby plan. Love and marriage are nonnegotiableit's the traditional route or bust. So it's time to cut Casey Clay looseher friend with benefits doesn't do commitment. But this impossible, irresistible man sets the bar awfully high for her husband hunt! No matter how deep Casey's feelings run for the sexy bar owner, when it comes to kids, he can't give her what she wants. And his secrets don't stop there. But as the mistletoe goes up around Weaver, 'tis the season for their moment of truthand their shot at true love.
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 9780373658473

The lost christmas gift
Published in Fall 2012 to glowing reviews, The Lost Christmas Gift quickly sold through its first printing to become a holiday hit and instant Christmas classic. Andrew Beckham's poignant tale features an exquisite book lovingly handmade by a father to show his son what really happened during an adventure they shared one blizzard Christmas Eve. Sixty years after his father left to be a mapmaker in the war in Europe, Emerson Johansson received a package that had been lost in the mail for decades. A remarkable book, lovingly handmade by his father, details an extraordinary adventure they shared together just months before his departure. Setting out into the mountains on Christmas Eve to cut a tree, they find themselves in a dangerous blizzard. Lost in the snow, they are helped by a mysterious silvery man who does not speak but leaves them a series of gifts that help them find their way home. The enigmatic man's image is not captured in the photographs the boy took with his new camera, pictures he believed, until now, were long lost. Little did he know that his father had taken the photographs with him to the battlefield. Featuring a lively combination of maps, vellum overlays, drawings, watercolors, and photographs, The Lost Christmas Gift faithfully reproduces the mysterious present, lost in the mail for decades, revealing that the silvery man in the woods who helped them get home was, in fact, no stranger, but somebody well-known to us all.
Category: Children's & Young Adult Fiction. ISBN: 9781616891022

The Christmas Gift
Krista Novak knows you can't go home again. Yet here she is, touching down in the place she left for good eight years ago. Even though it's only for the holidays, being back means facing Alex Costas. It also means dealing with the fallout from his decision to stay and her decision to move her life thousands of miles away. To make the situation more interesting, she still wants Alex. And he wants her. How do they find common ground? A little Christmas magic must be in the air. Because when a snowstorm changes her travel plans, they're blessed with the most lifechanging gift of all.
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 9781460846667

A Christmas Gift
I love all of Sue Moorcroft's books!' Katie Fforde One Christmas can change everything
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 9780008260071
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