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articles dictated by Jesus Christ book1 and book2
This is an ebook consisting of collections of articles written and dictated by Jesus Christ. He will come again soon, be prepared. Visit www.
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Image: Christ and Art in Asia Issue no.1
Image 1 was published on October 1979. It features articles about Christian Art in Asia- how does art affect the reception of Christianity, a Western religion, in the East. There is also an article that suggests how to sustain religious art societies. On the cover is Korean artist’s, Kim Yong Gil’s work. It shows Jesus washing the feet of his disciples. This painting was exhibited in the Japan Christian Art Exhibition.
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Jan 26th,1987: CHRIST JESUS or Christ Beastman
THE STAFF AND THE SWORD MINISTRY JANUARY 26, 1987 All of us ( I no less than any of you) have in this situation Gods Help whereby we may on reflection see just where we are at in the FAITH/WORKS department, and the extent to which inner "FEAR"(what is NOT of FAITH is SIN) is leading us into dangerous-deadly waters. Keep in mind, I am Jesus prophet, and while I'm a man like you, I'm also Jesus Representative. COVER PAGE r^
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Steps to Christ
Steps to Christ is probably the best known book of Ellen White. It is simple and powerful in explaining how to be saved, and being small, has been mass-produced in the tens of millions, and translated into more languages than any other Ellen White book.
Uploaded by soeministries on 08/20/2011
Digital publication details: 192 pages.

Reflections of Christ
Reflections of Christ chronicles the life of Jesus Christ as told in the New Testament. The stunning photographs by Mark Mabry capture Christ story and brings readers closer to him. On sale now. Also, is a DVD and CD. Visit
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The Connection - Christ United Methodist Church Sugar Land
The Connection - Christ United Methodist Church Sugar Land, TX
Uploaded by cumcsl on 02/20/2012
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The Organization of the Church of Christ
God has given us one way to organize the church that he established. How could we possibly think we could come up with a better idea? Read more to learn God's plan for the organization of the church of Christ.
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The Church of Christ
What is the church of Christ? How is it different from any other church out there? To learn more, read this tract!
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Christ centred?
This paper challenges the frequently held assumption that the Evangelical church understands and practises Christ-centredness.
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Your Identity In Christ
This booklet teaches you about your new idenity in Christ.
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