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Innovative and fine quality of surgical instruments
Surgical Catalogue
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" Piano or Guitar ? Why Piano is the Better Instument Choice for the Music Starters
"Should I learn piano or guitar first? Piano or Guitar? Why Piano is the Better First Instrument Choice for the Music Starters?'
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Energy efficiency policies in buildings - the use of financial instruments at member state level
As Europe plans the next steps in improving the energy performance of buildings, BPIE has undertaken this review to present key facts from the use of financial instruments across Europe. The paper presents an overview of the various financial schemes in place dedicated to the energy efficient renovation of buildings in 2011. It makes a quantitative analysis of the different financing mechanisms and provides comparisons on specific aspects such as the level of financial support and ambition with respect to the targeted energy consumption of the renovated building. It provides also information on the type of buildings concerned and renovation measures supported by the financial schemes.
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2013 Scientific Instruments of Korea
Scientific Instruments of Korea
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Groundwater in international law. Compilation of treaties and other legal instruments
This publication brings together a variety of binding and non-binding international law instruments that, in varying degrees and from different angles, deal with groundwater. Its aim is to report developments in international law and to contribute to detecting law in the making in this field.
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2012 Peoples Choice Festival of Pennsylvania Arts & Crafts Visitor Guide & Map
2012 Peoples Choice Festival of Pennsylvania Arts & Crafts Visitor Guide & Map - July 12-15, 2012 at the Pennsylvania Military Museum - Boalsburg, PA
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Effects of a Scalloped and Rectangular Brace on the Modeshapes of a Brace-Plate System
Abstract -Shaping the soundboard braces on a wooden stringed musical instrument has long been a way in which instrument makers optimize their musical instruments. Reasons for these methods are scientifically not well understood. Various bracing patterns have successfully been used to create different-sounding wooden stringed musical instruments. These bracing patterns stimulate the modeshapes that are specific to the soundboard of the instrument. This paper demonstrates how the shape of the braces affects the modeshapes of the vibrating system.
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Uniqueness of Wind Musical Instruments
Musical instruments are boon to mankind as it entertains and refreshes the minds of people who look out for relaxation and enjoyment.
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Warm Experts in the age of Mandatory e-Government: Interaction Among Danish Single Parents...
Abstract: Citizens adoption of e-government channels has been the focus of both academic studies and public policy for over a decade. Current efforts seek to reduce citizens interaction with caseworkers through traditional channels in favor of increased use of e-government self-service channels. To increase adoption rates and reduce the costs of public administration, the Danish e-government strategy has made e-government self-service channels mandatory thereby attempting to turn citizens into their own caseworkers. The channel choice branch of e-government studies how citizens and businesses choose interaction channels in a public service encounter. Until now, studies of citizens channel choice have taken place at the level of the individual and ignor ed the influence of group processes. Moreover, although the importance of digital literacy has been widely recognized in relation to citizen channel choice and e-government adoption, citizens knowledge of public...
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Patrons Choice Spring issue
Patrons Choice Barrie Spring 2011
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