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How to Build a Car: The Autobiography of the World’s Greatest Formula 1 Designer
'Adrian has a unique gift for understanding drivers and racing cars. He is ultra competitive but never forgets to have fun. An immensely likeable man.' Damon HillThe world’s foremost designer in Formula One, Adrian Newey OBE is arguably one of Britain’s greatest engineers and this is his fascinating, powerful memoir.How to Build a Car explores the story of Adrian’s unrivalled 35-year career in Formula One through the prism of the cars he has designed, the drivers he has worked alongside and the races in which he’s been involved.A true engineering genius, even in adolescence Adrian’s thoughts naturally emerged in shape and form – he began sketching his own car designs at the age of 12 and took a welding course in his school summer holidays. From his early career in IndyCar racing and on to his unparalleled success in Formula One, we learn in comprehensive, engaging and highly entertaining detail how a car actually works. Adrian has designed for the likes of Mario Andretti, Nigel Mansell, Alain Prost, Damon Hill, David Coulthard, Mika Hakkinen, Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel, always with a shark-like purity of purpose: to make the car go faster. And while his career has been marked by unbelievable triumphs, there have also been deep tragedies; most notably Ayrton Senna’s death during his time at Williams in 1994.Beautifully illustrated with never-before-seen drawings, How to Build a Car encapsulates, through Adrian’s remarkable life story, precisely what makes Formula One so thrilling – its potential for the total synchronicity of man and machine, the perfect combination of style, efficiency and speed.
Author: Adrian Newey
Published by: HarperCollins | Publication date: 11/02/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 401 pages

The Official DVSA Theory Test for Car Drivers (18th edition)
Prepare to pass your theory test first time with the number-one best-selling theory test book – the ONLY official expert revision guide. This new edition has been updated with the latest changes to the car theory test revision questions.Key features:• Bite-size information – written in an easy-to-remember way that links the theory to your practical driving experience, to help you really understand• Practice questions – includes hundreds of official DVSA theory test revision questions for all 14 topics, so you can see how much you’ve learnt• Learn your way – loads of photos and diagrams, links to more information and videos online, plus hints and tips to help you learn• Extra help – explanations and references for every answer so you can really understand the theory, plus practice case studies for each topic• Like the real test – test yourself so you can see when you’re ready to pass, plus expert advice on what to expect on the day.
Published by: TSO | Publication date: 05/16/2016
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 512 pages

Driverless Cars: On a Road to Nowhere (Perspectives)
Driverless cars are the future. That is what the tech giants, the auto industry and even the government want us to think. Almost daily there are media stories about how we will soon all be able to rip up our driving licences, sit in the back seat and let the car take us around. But is this really going to happen? Christian Wolmar has dug behind the hype and found a very different story. We are nowhere near this driverless utopia. Indeed it may prove to be impossible to reach. And even if it were achievable, does anyone want it? Far from reducing traffic and pollution, millions of zombie cars on the roads would make them worse. Wolmar looks at the technical and other difficulties that make this driverless future a very uncertain proposition. He finds that it is the tech companies and the auto manufacturers who are desperate to get us out of the driving seat, and argues that far from making the roads safer, driverless cars may well make them more dangerous. This entertaining polemic sets out the many technical, legal and moral problems that obstruct the path to a driverless future, and debunks many of the myths around that future’s purported benefits.
Published by: London Publishing Partnership | Publication date: 01/18/2018
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 134 pages

The Supercar Book: The Complete Guide to the Machines that Make Our Jaws Drop
Fully illustrated throughout, The Supercar Book is a sumptuously designed guide full of everything you could ever want to know about the best supercars on the planet.From number-one bestselling author Martin Roach, The Supercar Book is a must-have for all boys and their dads (plus petrol-head girls and mums!) interested in fast cars.With an introduction from F1 racing legend David Coulthard, as well as contributions from the biggest names in the field, this tour de force starts with the iconic 1954 Mercedes Gullwing and races through each respective decade of supercar history, showcasing the very best and most important vehicles in this scintillating species. Featuring the landmark 10 game-changers that have defined the genre and highlighting dozens and dozens of supreme supercars from the likes of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Pagani, McLaren and Porsche, get ready to be blown away by the beauty and power of these incredible vehicles.With a pre-history of the genre plus an excursion into American muscle cars, this comprehensive book takes us underneath the bonnets and peels back the bodywork of these mind-blowing machines, as well as exploring how supercar technology has affected everyday cars.The Supercar Book is a tour de force of the fastest, the most powerful and the most drop-dead gorgeous vehicles in supercar history. Jam-packed with almost 200 full-colour photographs, awe-inspiring statistics and exclusive interviews with supercar experts, and featuring every landmark star of the genre, this book is the ultimate guide for every supercar fanatic.
Author: Martin Roach
Published by: HarperCollins | Publication date: 09/11/2014
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 256 pages

Cars and Cold Cases (An Isle of Man Ghostly Cozy Book 3)
Fenella Woods is nervous but eager to start driving lessons on the Isle of Man. Having never driven a manual transmission before, she quickly finds herself struggling with having to change gears with her left hand while sitting on what feels like the wrong side of the car and driving on what seems to be the wrong side of the road.Her friendship with CID Inspector Daniel Robinson is less stressful. He’s going through some cold cases and he asks her to share her thoughts. Daniel seems to think that she’ll have a different perspective on the investigations because she doesn’t know any of the people involved. He’s surprised to find that the first case he mentions, a missing person from thirty years earlier, involves Fenella’s new driving instructor.Fenella’s aunt Mona, who is either a ghost or a figment of Fenella’s imagination, has her own ideas about both the missing person and an unconnected thirty-year-old murder investigation that Daniel is also reopening. And of course, she’s eager for Fenella to get involved in both cases.Fenella isn’t sure she’s ready to try to deal with driving lessons, two cold cases, one nosy aunt, a kitten who needs surgery, and three different men who all appeal to her in very different ways. She knew her life was going to change when she moved to the Isle of Man, but she wasn’t anticipating quite this much excitement.
Publication date: 05/19/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 234 pages

Nothing Handles Like A Rental Car
This book is about automotive adventures with a reason; Retracing the steps of some well-known motorsport heroes like Fangio and Hopkirk, and less well-known (but no less interesting) men like Roy ‘the weasel’ James, Jock Horsfall and Captain Albert Ball. There’s some Hermann Göring inspired barnstorming, too, thanks to lax security at an unnamed airfield.Starting with a £100 trip to Stelvio in a rented Fiat 500 and ending up hooning around France in a broken press fleet Maserati, the author unwittingly goes from weekend roadtripper to ham-footed TV presenter. Vehicles as diverse as the Volvo Lapplander, Morgan Three Wheeler and Mercedes 190 Cosworth all feature, in locations such as Zandvoort, Las Vegas and Sicily. Even time stuck in the office doesn’t stop the mischief with an amusing spell of chasing the ambulance chasers. This book is a loose collection of light-hearted and mildly incriminating stories from around Europe. It contains photographs, maps and a useless guide to dealing with foreign Police. There are twelve uses of the word ‘Porsche’, six of the word ‘apex’ and one of the word ‘frenulum’.
Publication date: 04/20/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 324 pages

ADD Stole My Car Keys: The Surprising Ways Adult Attention Deficit Disorder Affects Your Life... and Strategies for Creating a Life You Love
Rick Green, creator of the groundbreaking documentary 'ADD & Loving It?!' joins Dr. Umesh Jain to reveal 155 common signs, symptoms, behaviors and challenges that people with ADD face. Through entertaining first-person stories you'll discover the many ways this misunderstood mindset sabotages the lives of adults. They also offer proven strategies you can use to master the challenges of your particular type of ADD, so that you can create a life that you love. Finally!
Published by: Big Brain Productions Inc. | Publication date: 12/23/2011
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 202 pages

Raiders of the Lost Car Park (The Cornelius Murphy Trilogy Book 2)
Part two of the three-part Epic Adventure. Featuring a lost car park, the Hidden King of the World and more conspiracies than you can shake a stout stick at. Cornelius Murphy, big-haired tall boy and Stuff of Epics, has a plan. That with the aid of a reinvented ocarina, he and his best friend Tuppe enter London’s Forbidden Zones (areas cunningly hidden from us through the A-Z street directory and a conspiracy of black cab drivers) and liberate the countless billions of pounds worth of booty that lies therein. And while doing so, rescue Hugo Rune, self-styled Most Amazing Man Who Ever Lived, guru to gurus and father to Cornelius Murphy.Hugo Rune has plans of his own. Overthrow the Dark Forces within the Forbidden Zones, a lost race of fairy folk, ruled over by an evil king, whose identity will come as some surprise. And kidnap Her Majesty the Queen (God bless her) during a performance of the world’s greatest rock band, Gandhi’s Hairdryer.Inspectre Hovis of Scotland Yard has a most definite plan. Arrest Hugo Rune for his crimes against Chinese noodle parlours and a list of offences far too long to list.What Cornelius and Tuppe discover when they raid the lost car park of the “Crimson King” will excite and amaze and have you going “I suspected something like that myself, but no-one would ever believe me.”Will excite and amaze.--The further adventures of Cornelius, Tuppe and Hugo Rune can be found inTHE BOOK OF ULTIMATE TRUTHSandTHE MOST AMAZING MAN WHO EVER LIVEDby Robert Rankin,also available for your kindle from AMAZON
Published by: Far Fetched Books | Publication date: 05/30/2012
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 242 pages

Kissing In Cars (The Kiss And Make Up Series Book 1)
WILL SHE, OR WON'T SHE...Studious and sensible, the only thing Molly Wakefield wants to do is get through Senior Year and graduate. That, and hit the beach in her spare time. Maybe even read a book or two.And things are going great -- until the day she catches Weston McGrath, handsome star athlete and scholar, spying on her in study hall. A tad creepy? Maybe. Thrilling? Absolutely.Why? Because Weston McGrath is one guy no one can get close to.Despite her best efforts to avoid him, Molly and Weston form an unlikely friendship. But it's a friendship that comes with a price - because Weston cannot seem to stop screwing up. Saying and doing all the wrong things. And who has time for an 18 year old "fixer-upper" that should know better?Not Molly.This novel, along with all others in this series, is a standalone with no cliffhanger. You're welcome.Note: This YA book is intended for 17+ due to the vulgar language used by its male characters (and occasionally the females as well, even though they're too lady like to do it throughout the entire book). Some adult sexual situations that steam up a few car windows. This title is approx. 63,000 words.
Author: Sara Ney
Published by: Sara Ney | Publication date: 01/22/2014
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 251 pages

Irish Car Bomb (The Erin O'Reilly Mysteries Book 2)
If it weren't for the Irish, New York wouldn't have a police force. On the other hand, it might not need one.Starting a new job is always stressful, even when bombs aren't involved. NYPD Officer Erin O'Reilly always wanted to be a detective. But on her first day wearing a gold shield, she finds herself investigating the explosive death of a small-time crook. She and her K-9 partner Rolf, together with her new squad of detectives, plunge into a world of gamblers, mobsters, and retired Irish Republican Army soldiers. It's an Irish cop against the Irish Mob in an intoxicating cocktail of murder, explosives, and betrayal. Can Erin and Rolf solve the killing before the bomber strikes again?
Author: Steven Henry
Published by: Clickworks Press | Publication date: 07/22/2018
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 251 pages
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