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Practical Risk-Adjusted Performance Measurement - Carl Bacon
By documenting, with appropriate referencing, many of the ex-post risk measures in a structured format, filling gaps, encouraging consistency, suggesting new measures and highlighting possible areas of confusion or misrepresentation, this book is the ideal practitioners practical guide to ex-post performance measurement techniques.
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Roger Bacon - Tradition - Fall 2012
Last year saw the revival of a tradition that had all but disappeared from Roger Bacon. A young friar, Bro. Roger Lopez, came here to spend his year of supervised ministry. This year comes before final vows, which Bro. Roger made on August 25th of this year. Many of you will remember young friar priests and brothers (and Franciscan Sisters) for whom Roger Bacon or OLA was a first assignment. Bro. Roger returned to Chicago to finish his studies for the priesthood. Everyone here at school hopes that he’ll make his way back to Roger Bacon after he is ordained, bringing his enthusiasm and many personal gifts to our students. I can only hope that other young friars will also become part of the Franciscan tradition here at Roger Bacon. Fr. Bill Farris, OFM President
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The Shakespeare Debate
collected articles from 'The Free Thinker' on the Shakespeare mystery and authorship controversy
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Worcester Mag October 18, 2012
Worcester Mag October 18, 2012
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Fiction Fix, Issue 6
Short stories and artwork.
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Vol. 8: #20 - LET'S DO BREAKFAST - (5/13/12) Tidbits of Coachella Valley
Lead Story (pg 1): LET'S DO BREAKFAST - 2nd Story (pg 2): (one in the FAMOUS LANDMARK Series) MOUNT ST. HELENS - 3rd Story (pg 5): FACTS ABOUT LAVA ROCK- Celebrity Extra (pg 6): ABC's "Scandal" Tony Goldwyn; Anthony Hopkins; Brandon Routh; Guiliana Rancic beating breast cancer - Everyday Cheapskate (pg 7): The Infamous Mystery Means - Veteran’s Post (pg 7): Help for Jobless Vets - Cats, Dogs and Other People (pg 9): Web Weavers - Lifelong Health (pg 10): Dental Care Essential to Maintaining Health - Your Social Security (pg 11): Bureaucracy Inaction - To Your Good Health (pg 12): How Diabetes is Diagnosed - Senior Newsline (pg 12): Don't Just Sit There - Senior Advice (pg 13): Keeping the Records Straight! - Antique or Junque (pg 14): Whimsical Figures are Flights of Fancy "Kewpies" - A Sporting View (pg 14): A Tale of Two Wizards - MasterStrokes Golf Tips (pg 15): Anti Slice Drill
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Litro #95 North London Teaser
Litro's theme this month is North London, with writing from, Carl-Henrik Björck, Ben Fergusson, Jonathan Pinnock, Paul Lyalls, Laura Solomon and Vanessa Woolf-Hoyle.
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By carl sagan
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BallsMania Issue 75
What a great week for Nottinghamshire sport – Carl Froch produced a heroic performance in the US, Scots Grey’s became English Champions at Anfield and Nottinghamshire Cricket hit the crease again for the season. It’s fitting then that in a week of so many great achievements, BallsMania has increased again to 28 pages! Inside this special week is football, rugby, pool, darts, snooker, rugby union and much more.
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Sept. 26, 2012
Sept. 26, 2012
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