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Cloud Capacity Management
Cloud Capacity Management helps readers in understanding what the cloud, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS are, how they relate to capacity planning and management and which stakeholders are involved in delivering value in the cloud value chain. It explains the role of capacity management for a creator, aggregator, and consumer of cloud services and how to provision for it in a 'pay as you use model'. This involves a high level of abstraction and virtualization to facilitate rapid and on demand provisioning of services. The conventional IT service models take a traditional approach when planning for service capacity to provide optimum services levels which has huge cost implications for service providers. This book addresses the gap areas between traditional capacity management practices and cloud service models. It also showcases capacity management process design and implementation in a cloud computing domain using ITSM best practices. This book is a blend of ITSM best practices and infrastructure capacity planning and optimization implementation in various cloud scenarios. Cloud Capacity Management addresses the basics of cloud computing, its various models, and their impact on capacity planning. This book also highlights the infrastructure capacity management implementation process in a cloud environment showcasing inherent capabilities oftool sets available and the various techniques for capacity planning and performance management. Techniques like dynamic resource scheduling, scaling, load balancing, and clustering etc are explained for implementing capacity management.
Category: Computers. ISBN: 9781430249238

Essentials of Capacity Management
ESSENTIALS OF CAPACITY MANAGEMENT Full of valuable tips, techniques, illustrative real-world examples, exhibits, and best practices, this handy and concise paperback will help you stay up to date on the newest thinking, strategies, developments, and technologies in capacity management. "Proper capacity management is the driving force behind outstanding corporate performance. Essentials of Capacity Management clearly describes its impact on operations, as well as how to use measurement systems and process analysis to enhance capacity usage. This is a solid foundation in capacity management for the business professional!" Steve Bragg, Author "Although capacity management is a fundamental concern, it-like many other fundamentals-is often scanted. In fact, there's little that's more important to most companies than their ability to manage their capacity, which is simply the ability to do work. Essentials of Capacity Management does a great job of giving a quick, yet thorough, overview of the many considerations involved." Barry J. Brinker, Editor, Guide to Cost Management (John Wiley & Sons) "This book does an excellent job of relating processes to capacity. Managers and executives will better understand that managing the effectiveness and efficiency of processes reduces the amount of capacity required, thus providing an opportunity to reduce costs while improving process quality and reducing process time. It shows the relationship of capacity to demand on downstream processes. It shows that process flexibility reduces required capacity." John Antos, President, Value Creation Group, Inc. The Wiley Essentials Series -because the business world is always changing...and so should you.
Category: Business. ISBN: 9780471207467

ITIL Capacity Management
The Business-Focused, Best-Practice Guide to Succeeding with ITIL Capacity Management Using ITIL capacity management processes, IT organizations can eliminate waste and overbuying, reduce both equipment and staffing costs, drive more value from existing investments, and consistently provide the right resources to meet the needs of the business. Now, in this comprehensive, best-practice guide, leading ITIL expert Larry Klosterboer systematically explains how to manage capacity using the ITIL framework and techniques. Drawing on his extensive ITIL experience, Klosterboer covers all facets of ITIL-based capacity management, and offers proven solutions to the challenges IT organizations encounter in implementation. He presents expert guidance on accurately projecting demand and growth, planning and staffing, tool selection, process implementation, and much more. This book's practical insights will be invaluable to every IT leader who wants to leverage ITIL's best practices for capacity management, and for every business and technical manager who wants IT to deliver greater value, efficiency, and effectiveness. Coverage includes Making the business case for capacity management Establishing specific goals for capacity management Mastering ITIL capacity management terminology Predicting capacity in dynamic, fast-changing organizations Implementing systems that help you anticipate trends Defining capacity plans, staffing capacity management teams, and implementing ongoing processes Linking capacity with performance management and with other ITIL processes Selecting the right capacity management tools for your environment Integrating capacity issues into your IT project management discipline Using business capacity planning to help the entire business become more agile
Category: Business. ISBN: 9780134425566

Capacity Options for Revenue Management
Arguably the central problem in Operations Research and Management S- ence (OR/MS) addressed by e-business is better coordination of supply and demand, including price discovery and reduction of transaction costs of buyer-seller interactions. In capital-intensive industries like air cargo, the out-of-pocket costs of excess capacity and the opportunity costs of underu- lized capacity have been important factors driving the growth of exchanges for improving demand and supply coordination through e-business pl- forms. Hellermann addresses in his dissertation one of the most interesting - pects of this evolution for OR/MS, the parallel development of long-term and short-term markets for capacity and output, accompanied by a range of option and ?xed-commitment (i. e. , forward) contracts as the basic mec- nisms supporting transactions. This has been a fascinating topic for OR/MS research because it builds on the powerful framework of real options, while connecting directly to key operations decisions (capacity planning, network design, staf?ng, routing, maintenance, and so forth) of the equipment and technologies whose output is the focus of contracts. From the perspective of practice, the integrated use of these Internet-based contracting mechanisms, as facilitated by new B2B exchanges, represents an opportunity for further improving supply chain performance and capital asset productivity. As Hellermann notes, a central feature of B2B for capital-intensive - dustries is that contracting needs to take place well in advance of actual delivery.
Category: Business. ISBN: 9783540344193

Dynamic Capacity Management for Healthcare
While hospitals can learn from other industries, they cannot be improved or run like factories. With work that is more individualized than standardized, and limited control over volume and arrivals, even the leanest-minded hospital must recognize that healthcare systems are more dynamic than nearly any work environment. Written with the creativity needed to navigate the rapidly changing landscape of healthcare, Dynamic Capacity Management for Healthcare: Advanced Methods and Tools for Optimization presents the unique new tools, methodologies, and thinking required of healthcare systems that want to survive and thrive in a reduced reimbursement, higher-cost world. Demonstrating his approaches and recommendations through case studies specific to the complex issues of healthcare delivery, Pierce Story, a long-time and passionate healthcare operations expert, shows how hospitals and health systems can make leaps in performance in an environment in which both financial and human resources are shrinking as expectations for clinical perfection continue to rise. Through its unique approach to the dynamic management of complex care systems, this volume raises the bar for what is possible. This text presents an excellent opportunity for healthcare's change agents to meet the challenges and responsibilities of our day.
Category: Business. ISBN: 9781439819760

VMware Performance and Capacity Management
Master SDDC Operations with proven best practices About This Book: Understand the drawbacks of the traditional paradigm and management that make operations difficult in SDDC; Master performance and capacity management in Software-Defined Data Center; Operationalize performance and capacity monitoring with proven dashboards Who This Book Is For. This book is primarily for any system administrator or cloud infrastructure specialist who is interested in performance management and capacity management using VMware technologies. This book will also help IT professionals whose area of responsibility is not VMware, but who work with the VMware team. You can be Windows, Linux, Storage, or Network team; or application architects. Note that prior exposure to the VMware platform of data-center and cloud-based solutions is expected. What You Will Learn: Simplify the task of performance and capacity management; Master the counters in vCenter and vRealize Operations and understand their dependency on one another; Educate your peers and management on SDDC Operations; Complete your SDDC monitoring to include non-VMware components; Perform SDDC performance troubleshooting; Explore real-life examples of how super metric and advanced dashboards; Introduce and implement a Performance SLA; Accomplish your Capacity Management by taking into service tiering and performance SLA In Detail. Performance management and capacity management are the two top-most issues faced by enterprise IT when doing virtualization. Until the first edition of the book, there was no in-depth coverage on the topic to tackle the issues systematically. The second edition expands the first edition, with added information and reorganizing the book into three logical parts. The first part provides the technical foundation of SDDC Management. It explains the difference between a software-defined data center and a classic physical data center, and how it impacts both architecture and operations. From this strategic view, it zooms into the most common challenges—performance management and capacity management. It introduces a new concept called Performance SLA and also a new way of doing capacity management. The next part provides the actual solution that you can implement in your environment. It puts the theories together and provides real-life examples created together with customers. It provides the reasons behind each dashboard, so that you get the understanding on why it is required and what problem it solves. The last part acts as a reference section. It provides a complete reference to vSphere and vRealize Operations counters, explaining their dependencies and providing practical guidance on the values you should expect in a healthy environment. Style and approach. This book covers the complex topic of managing performance and capacity in an easy-to-follow style. It relates real-world scenarios to topics in order to help you implement the book’s teachings on the go.
Category: Computers. ISBN: 9781785880315

Capacity-Management im Zeitalter der Wissensgesellschaft
Dieses Essential gibt einen kompakten, aktuellenund praxisrelevanten berblick ber die Bedeutung des MegatrendsWissensgesellschaft. Die AutorInnen erlutern, welcheWissensmanagementwerkzeuge es gibt, und zeigen an Beispielen aus der Praxis,wie diese im Unternehmen eingesetzt werden. Zudem stellen sie Ergebnisse ausder Marktforschung zum Einsatz von Wissensmanagementmethoden vor und gebenHandlungsempfehlungen fr Unternehmen, da Wissen als neue zentrale Ressourcegerade in industrielastigen Lndern ein grundstzliches Umdenken in Unternehmenerfordert.
Category: Business. ISBN: 9783658128371

Availability and Capacity Management in the Cloud
Based on the real-life experience of the author and other ITSM practitioners, this book tells the story of a cloud services implementation, exposing potential pitfalls and exploring how to handle the management issues that come with such projects.
Category: Computers. ISBN: 9781849285506

VMware vRealize Operations Performance and Capacity Management
If you are an IT professional who is interested in performance management and capacity management in a virtual data center, then this book is ideal for you. The book is an intermediate-level book.
Category: Computers. ISBN: 9781783551682

The Capacity Crisis in Disaster Risk Management
How can a place be built and managed so that it is safe for people to live? Ironically, many governments and citizens keep on asking the same question after every new disaster. Why, even with high levels of investment in increasing government's capacity to manage disasters, do the impacts of disasters continue to increase? What can the governments do differently? What is the role of local communities? Where should aid agencies invest? This book looks into these critical questions and highlights how current capacity development efforts might be resulting in the oppositecapacity crisis or capability trap. The book provides a new approach for the understanding and the developing of effective local capacity to reduce and manage future disaster impacts.
Category: Business. ISBN: 9783319094045
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