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Seamless Care - Safe Care
This book contains the proceedings of the Tenth European Federation for Medical Informatics (EFMI) Special Topic Conference 2010; Europe's leading forum for presenting the results of current scientific work in health informatics processes, systems and technologies. Included are two invited keynotes, one session keynote and 25 full papers, selected by the Scientific Programme Committee from 61 submissions, each rigorously reviewed by three reviewers. Subjects include: Electronic health records and personal health records, traceability, security, privacy and safety and quality, as well as interoperability and standards, patient empowerment, satisfaction and safety, continuity of care and device integration. Most of the topics are interdisciplinary in nature and the book will be of interest not only to those scientists involved with medical, bio-and health informatics, but to all health administrators, medical professionals and representatives of industry and consultancy in the various health fields.
Category: Medicine. ISBN: 9781607505624

Puppy Care
Becoming a dog owner can be one of the most rewarding decisions you will ever make. Whether you have never owned a pet or you already have one or two dogs at home, the idea of getting a new puppy may be appealing. After all, dogs make life more fun, and there is something truly exceptional about the bond you can form with these wonderful creatures. It is essential, though, that when you decide to add a puppy to your life and routine you are truly ready for everything it entails. As adorable as they are, puppies need lots of guidance and attention in order to become well-behaved, happy members of the family.
Category: Pets. ISBN: 9780793837311

Healthy Care
An ebook examining the evidence for the promotion of the health and well-being of looked after children and young people.
Category: Social Science. ISBN: 9781900990783

Gynecologic Care
Gynecologic Care provides a succinct yet comprehensive discussion of critical knowledge required for gynecologists.
Category: Medicine. ISBN: 9781107197633

Intensive Care
HOT BODIES After another patient mysteriously turned up dead, Dr. Ripley Davis began desperately seeking answers. Until radiation safety officer Zachary Cage stormed into her office with an array of accusations and brimming with male sex appeal. Ripley didn't have time to convince the brooding man she was innocent. She was trying to save her next patient and stay alive. Cage had once sworn to protect innocent patients from their doctors? mistakes, but Ripley's fiery resolve to seek the truth and her soft curves soon melted his doubts and touched his heart. She was enticing and in danger. And only Cage could save her from the deadly killer who had made the beautiful doctor his prime target.
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 9781460854921

Guided Care
Winner of the 2009 Medical Economics Award! "Boult and his colleagues . . . . have crafted a team model that builds upon the unique strengths of nurses and primary care physicians coupled with effective communication and implementation of evidence-based care. This represents a great advance over business as usual." -- David B. Reuben, MD Director, Multicampus Program in Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology Chief, Division of Geriatrics David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA Guided Care is an exciting, new team model used to provide medical care to clients with chronic conditions. This model involves adding a Guided Care nurse to the primary care practice team. It is also the most efficient, cost-effective way to respond to the needs of patients. This book provides physicians, nurses, administrators, and leaders of health care organizations with step-by-step guidance on adopting Guided Care Nursing into their practice. Featured Highlights: Evaluating the primary care pratice's readiness to adopt Guided Care Preparing for adoption Integrating Guided Care into existing practices Hiring nurses for the primary care team Assuring financial viability Comparing Guided Care with other models The future of primary care, and the quality of care for adults with chronic conditions, depends on finding approaches to improve efficiency and effectiveness. This book demonstrates that Guided Care yields the best outcomes for patients and for primary care at large.
Category: Medicine. ISBN: 9780826144119

Refusing Care
It has been said that how a society treats its least well-off members speaks volumes about its humanity. If so, our treatment of the mentally ill suggests that American society is inhumane: swinging between overintervention and utter neglect, we sometimes force extreme treatments on those who do not want them, and at other times discharge mentally ill patients who do want treatment without providing adequate resources for their care in the community. Focusing on overinterventionist approaches, Refusing Care explores when, if ever, the mentally ill should be treated against their will. Basing her analysis on case and empirical studies, Elyn R. Saks explores dilemmas raised by forced treatment in three contextscivil commitment (forced hospitalization for noncriminals), medication, and seclusion and restraints. Saks argues that the best way to solve each of these dilemmas is, paradoxically, to be both more protective of individual autonomy and more paternalistic than current law calls for. For instance, while Saks advocates relaxing the standards for first commitment after a psychotic episode, she also would prohibit extreme mechanical restraints (such as tying someone spread-eagled to a bed). Finally, because of the often extreme prejudice against the mentally ill in American society, Saks proposes standards that, as much as possible, should apply equally to non-mentally ill and mentally ill people alike. Mental health professionals, lawyers, disability rights activists, and anyone who wants to learn more about the way the mentally ill are treatedand ought to be treatedin the United States should read Refusing Care .
Category: Law. ISBN: 9780226733975

Neurocritical Care
Management This book provides clear and concise guidelines for the clinician, on the management of adult brain injured patients. It steers the clinician through the complicated decisions that are demanded in these cases.
Category: Medicine. ISBN: 9781848820692

Health Care
This work highlights the myriad problems Latinos face in becoming fully acculturated consumers of health care. Its series of chapters by expert contributors bridges the communication gap between mainstream medical professionals who need to understand the Latino worldview and Latinos that need to adapt to the puzzling complexity of providers and insurers that make up the American health care system. Backed by research using quantitative methods and other techniques, Health Care 's seven chapters cover topics ranging from infant care to teenage dating and sexual mores to prescription medication use by older adults. Much of the coverage focuses on problems of access and the ways in which Latinos move between mainstream health care, and the world of traditional remedies provided by botnicas (shops specializing in herbs and other healing items) and curanderos (folk healers).
Category: Social Science. ISBN: 9780313364907

Taking Care
Taking Care examines the reasons why people take precautions - and the reasons why they do not.
Category: Psychology & Psychiatry. ISBN: 9780521324359
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