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Orthopedic & Joint Implants Suppliers Gujarat India
Bombay ortho industries established in the year 1980 is manufacturer, exporter and supplier of the orthopedic implants and instruments such as bone screws, bone plates, etc, which are extensively used in the orthopedic field. It has always been our effort to enhance our assortment and technology in order to face the global challenge and to always remain far ahead of our competitors. Our extensive range of the gamut includes bone screws, small bone screws, large bone screws, bone plates, D.C.P plates and many more. We also provide Intramedullary Nailing, Implants, Instruments and Spinal Implants & Instruments, which is manufactured using internationally graded AISI 316L material. Our full range of the gamut is methodically catalogued for simple reference and the identification which ensures high degree of reliability and quality.
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Veterinary Instrumentation Catalog-2010
Veterinary Instrumentation Catalog-2010
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Nes Catalog
Nes External and Nes Internal thread restorers are the ideal tools for saving money and time during maintenance, plumbing, construction, agriculture, car repair and many other applications where there are components with a damaged thread.
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zimmer catalogo
catalogo zimmer implantes dentales
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Catalogue - Window Screws, Pias, Piasta
Hilo Window Screw • Suitable for fastening friction stays to unre- inforced sections. • Finish: Silver ruspert, zinc plated or austenitic A2 304 S/S (non magnetic). • “Shallow pan head”. • Spoon point. • Hilo thread. • Phillips drive No.2 • Needle point. • Thread Ø 4.1 mm. • Ribs underhead for self-countersinking. Hilo Window Screw with Cutting Tip Repair Screw Repair Screw Repair Screws Description Art. Prefix: Yellow Zinc Plated 185.421... Stainless Steel 1850.404...
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Computational Study of Cortical Bone ScrewPullout using the Extended Finite Element Method(XFEM)
In this study, using a UDMGINI subroutine, stress components relative to a predefined osteon orientation were computed and an anisotropic damage criterion was used to determine damage initiation and to predict crack propagation. A 2D model of a single screw embedded in cortical bone was generated. A displacement boundary condition was applied to the top surface of the screw.
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DLC Australia 2012 Veterinary Equipment Catlouge
DLC Australia 2012 Veterinary Equipment Catlouge
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L.L.S. is a small company of excellence that has been involved for more than 20 years in processing pure Titanium ( gr. 1,2,3,4) and its alloys (Ti6Al4V – gr. 5), high resistance aluminium alloys Al7075 (ergal), special steels and carbon. L.L.S. carries out (according to specifications and designs) standard and custom fabrication of screws, nuts and bolts,in particular, but also of other parts. L.L.S. performs a startto- finish manufacture: cold and hot forging, a turnery for fine and small diameter machining, transfer machine and multiple heads for machining mass-produced components, water-jet cutting.
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TK News 1|10
Angular Stable Locking of Intramedullary, Craniomaxillofacial, Thorax/Sternum, Trauma Upper Extremity, Trauma Hand, Trauma Foot and Ankle, Trauma Lower Extremity, Trauma Mio, Trauma Power Tools, Trauma Osteotomy, Trauma Pediatric, Veterinary, News from AO Education, Principles of Bridge Plating, Fibula pro tibia procedure combined with Expert Tibia Nail and Angular Stable Locking System in a defect fracture of the tibia, Research implant syst em (RIS), Innovation Workshop, TK News Portrait, News from the TK Office
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