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Business Process Improvement in Organizational Design of e-Government Services
This paper describes a business process and organizational re-design and implementation project for an e-government service organization. In this project the initial process execution time of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection request has been reduced from some 60 days to two days. This has been achieved by the use of a new business process reengineering (BPR) implementation approach that was developed by the Utrecht University. The implementation approach is based on a combination of Enterprise Information Architecture (EIA), Business Process Modeling (BPM), Knowledge Management and Management Control methodologies and techniques. The method has been applied to improve the performance of a Dutch e- government service department (DeGSD). DeGSD is an e-government service department that supports and promotes electronic communication. It can be described as an electronic mail office for consumers that provides the ICT infrastructure to communicate with the government. The...
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How to communicate process pain points by @ecgstudio
New SVP, Strategy, Quality and Governance of a leading Financial Services and Mobile Banking Technology company needed to understand pain points and opportunities for improvement down and across 13 functions and 3 business lines. ECG Studio's Darrin Devereaux conducted and synthesized feedback from 2 dozen interviews creating a socializable visual to build awareness, desire to change, knowledge of issues and perspectives to be considered when making changes to the division. ECG Studio helps business compete on process as well good products and services. What can we do for you?
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Data Mining as a Technique for Knowledge Management in Business Process Redesign
Business Process Redesign (BPR) is undertaken to achieve order-of-magnitude improvements over 'old' form of the organisation. Practitioners in the academia and business world have developed a number of methodologies to support this competitive restructuring that forms the current focus of concern, many of which have not been successful. This paper suggests the use of Data Mining (DM) as a technique to support the process of redesigning a business by extracting the much-needed knowledge hidden in large volumes of data maintained by the organization through the DM models.
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Xamtrex Services Overview
Xamtrex provides Process enhancement services Businesses
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Performance by Design: People, Process and Technology
A Roundtable Overview The U.S. and European Chapters convened to discuss opportunities for better business performance through process re-engineering and optimization. This Roundtable on Digital Strategies was hosted by ABB. CIOs were joined by executive colleagues responsible for quality, governance and running individual business units. Executives and academics participating were from ABB, BMW, Chevron, Eastman Chemical, Hilti, Holcim, IMD Business School, Nestlé, Tetra Pak, and the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth.
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Ray Business Technologies
Ray Business Technologies Pvt Ltd provides IT Services and Solutions to fortune 500 enterprises worldwide. Headquartered in Hyderabad, India, we have several years of experience across different industry verticals globally and strong understanding of the diverse business challenges faced by global enterprises today. Coupled with our thought leadership in IT based Business Process Outsourcing has contributed to the development of Customer-Centric Solutions Model.
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Towards a Software Framework for AutomaticBusiness Process Redesign
A key element to the success of any organization is the ability to continuously improve its business process performance. Efficient Business Process Redesign (BPR) methodologies are needed to allow organizations to face the changing business conditions. For a long time, practices for BPR were done case-by-case and were based on the insights and knowledge of an expert to the organization. It can be argued that efficiency, however, can further be achieved with the support of automatic process redesign tools which are few at the moment. Process mining as a recent approach allows for the extraction of information from event logs recorded in different information systems. In this paper we argue that results driven by process mining techniques can be used to capture the various types of inefficiencies in the organization and hence propose efficient redesigns of its business model.
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Y2KXII- A Challange to Indian Banking Industry
This calls for routine operational decision making to be built into systems with delegation of powers, safeguards, early warning systems and accountability. This should help lesser skilled managers to take decisions fitting into overall policies set at top levels without raising the levels of decision makers. The strategic decision making has to be left to the senior leaders at top levels.
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Uniting Process Architecture And Execution
The synergy between Business Process Analysis (BPA) and Business Process Management (BPM) is obvious, but most industry analysts treat them as completely separate "quadrants," and in many companies there is little or no interaction between them. From the tool vendor's perspective, one can understand why this is. While there is tremendous value in uniting these disciplines, it's a technical challenge, and thus integration between BPA and BPM has been mostly clumsy and one-way. In this paper, independent analyst Bruce Silver examines the Appian/MEGA integration of BPA and BPM, calling it a unique solution that "does it right." The Appian-MEGA solution shows not only that roundtrip integration can be done, but that such integration offers tremendous organizational value.
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Data oriented and Process oriented Strategies forLegacy Information Systems Reengineering
The legacy information systems often implement manual data updates for information obtained from external systems. The manual updates are cumbersome, error prone, and expensive. The legacy systems miss interfaces to external systems that could be used for automatic updates of system data. Moreover, the legacy systems also lack extensions to supplier or customer systems that are essential for creating supply chain relationships. This paper explores the data oriented and process oriented models of legacy systems, and discusses the details of systems development and evolution models mainly aiming at an ongoing reengineering of legacy systems. This paper proposes simple strategies for creating interfaces to external systems for automatic updates of data, and for adapting to the process evolution that requires a legacy information system to extend its communications with external systems that could help in creating successful supply chain relationships.
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