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Lawrenceville Business Improvement District
Pittsburgh District 7 City Councilman Patrick Dowd introduced legislation supporting the non-profit Lawrenceville Corporation’s effort to create a Business Improvement District (BID) in Pittsburgh’s Lawrenceville neighborhood. The Business Improvement District plan will include provisions for continued maintenance and beautification of Lawrenceville’s commercial corridors. Some highlights planned for the first year include the cleaning of the streetscape and the continuation of seasonal flower baskets along Penn Avenue and Butler Street, as well as tree pit maintenance including litter removal and weeding. evolveEA prepared this slide show illustrating the benefits and the structure of Business Improvement Districts, and how this can help Lawrenceville. The presentation is part of a package used by Lawrenceville Corporation to gather support for implementation of the BID.
Uploaded by evolveea on 09/03/2012
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PhirePower Business Improvement Program
An overview of the PhirePower Business Improvement System, developed specifically for small to medium businesses in the Australian and New Zealand Retail / Trade Market space
Uploaded by phirepower on 12/29/2012
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Business Improvement Prospectus 2013 20/05/13
Business Improvement Prospectus 2013 20/05/13
Uploaded by smiths_gore on 05/19/2013
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Business Improvement Prospectus
Edition 1, 2013
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VisitMobileTM to Provide Mobile ConciergeTM Solution for Two Colorado Business Improvement Districts
Cherry Creek North (Denver) and Downtown Denver Partnership
Uploaded by straightlinepr on 11/07/2011
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Ealing Broadway Business Improvement District Prospectus
Ealing Broadway Business Improvement District Prospectus
Uploaded by fuelintegrated on 09/08/2010
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Reconsidering Knowledge And Business Improvement
The ever growing complexity of market processes continues to increase the importance of knowledge as the organization's core capability to maximize business performance. Current conceptions of knowledge and knowledge representation, however, prove to be highly unproductive. A fundamental problem here is that insight into the nature of knowledge is an inevitable requirement for adequate knowledge management that, nevertheless, is hardly met in business. In this article, we claim that adopting a functional view of the nature of knowledge reveals and restores the relation between knowledge and corporate effectiveness. In a functional approach to conceptualization, functional equivalence instead of observable similarity serves as the basis for classification. The sets of conditions that have to be met in a particular situation are here taken as functional demands. These functional demands may vary across situations, thus precluding the valid possibility of a static one-on- one...
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Business Process Improvement in Organizational Design of e-Government Services
This paper describes a business process and organizational re-design and implementation project for an e-government service organization. In this project the initial process execution time of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection request has been reduced from some 60 days to two days. This has been achieved by the use of a new business process reengineering (BPR) implementation approach that was developed by the Utrecht University. The implementation approach is based on a combination of Enterprise Information Architecture (EIA), Business Process Modeling (BPM), Knowledge Management and Management Control methodologies and techniques. The method has been applied to improve the performance of a Dutch e- government service department (DeGSD). DeGSD is an e-government service department that supports and promotes electronic communication. It can be described as an electronic mail office for consumers that provides the ICT infrastructure to communicate with the government. The...
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Self Improvement for Business - The Willingness to Do the Hard Work
It is a smart business decision to use self improvement for the purpose of creating a more successful business.
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Business Intelligence A Home Improvement Contractor’s Secret Weapon
Competitors can be a great source of learning for home improvement contractors if you apply the right business intelligence tools.
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