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As a freelance cameraman for 40 years Dave learned early and often that the power of video - to inform, entertain, or inspire - flows not from the camera, but from the craft. Whether you're shooting news, documentaries, sports, business, or entertainment the same principles apply.Dave distills his accumulated know-how into a set of core principles he calls The Laws of Camerawork. Whether you're an aspiring filmmaker, a seasoned professional, or the home/office paparazzi, VIDEO RULES will dramatically shorten your learning curve, showing you how to...COMPOSE IRRESISTIBLE IMAGESHARNESS THE EMOTIONAL FORCE OF AUDIOHARMONIZE WITH THE CLIENT (OR COLLEAGUE) FROM HELLPREPARE FOR A WAR ZONE...AND LIVE TO TELL THE STORYDISCOVER AND DEVELOP YOUR UNIQUE GIFTSGROW A PROSPEROUS AND BULLETPROOF CAREERWith VIDEO RULES as a guide, the stories you shoot will be the ones people remember...and talk about.“If you were only going to buy one book to improve your shooting skills I would make it this one. A must-read if you're looking to get more creative, shoot better video, and take kick-ass pictures.” Annie L, Amazon customer“The best, most concise book about shooting video I've read. It's deep, but also a quick read. A great book by a master of the art of video.” Author/Photographer, Amazon reviewer“Video Rules provides practical knowledge coupled with real life experience. This book has confirmed for me what I’m doing right and provided insight into what I could be changing. A quick read that is not bogged down by technical jargon, this is easily accessible material for all levels of cinematographers. I highly recommend this book.” John Shaterian, producer/cameraman“I find this book immensely inspiring. As a visual artist using video as a complementary tool for projects and documentations, I consider this an invaluable collection of tools suitable for many different fields of work. It is clear and informative and at the same time packed with know-how. 5 stars!” Leif Jacobsson, visual artist“I only wish someone had written this when I started making films over 15 years ago!” Simon Sharman, filmmaker“Dave's approach of sharing knowledge learned from many years of professional experience is so down to earth. Hopefully, this book becomes a bible for new video professionals.” Leon Gerskovic, documentary producer“Video Rules gave me many things to consider and think about. I've since changed my whole concept of how I shoot video!” Andrew Magnuson, videographer“It's an absolutely great book! Very enjoyable to read with lots of useful tips. Dave draws from his own experiences, with funny, touching and valuable stories in between, making it a very personal book.” Suzanne van Leendert, filmmaker “Dave’s passion for filming and the depth of his knowledge of the craft really come across in this book. He's "been there, done that", and offers hard-won lessons and insights from a true pro's perspective.” Nigel Bellis, producer/director“I am the co-owner of a boutique creative agency making the move to shooting video for the web. This book is chock full of tips relevant to anyone thinking about diving into the video-making game. I appreciate that the author shares everything from the down and dirty how-tos of thinking about sound, how to frame the shot, and to how to work with clients.” Stephanie S., producer/director “I really enjoy books that nail the material. This was a quick read and a great refresher for those of us who have been shooting for a long time.” Kevin Jeffrey, cameraman“After reading Video Rules I feel as though I have a mentor with me all the time!” Annemieke Ruggenberg, producer/videographer“If you want to shoot at the pro level then read this book.” Mark I., filmmaker
Author: Dave Lent
Published by: Burgess-Lent Media | Publication date: 12/15/2013
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 190 pages

Master Minds

What makes a Grammy-winning musician, an Olympic gold medalist, or a Nobel Prize-winner different from the rest of us? The surprising answer is…nothing.Through conversations with peak performers from sixteen diverse fields, MASTER MINDS reveals how everypath of mastery, every great achievement, is guided by identical principles—only the vocabulary is unique.Producer/cameraman David Lent and interviewer Susan Burgess-Lent crisscrossed America on a mission:To test Author George Leonard's theory that people who reach the top of any field - and stay there -share exactly five traits. Their documentary, The 5 Keys to Mastery, confirmed Leonard's discovery.MASTER MINDS is a collection of the intimate and often startling interviews from this journey, featuring:
  • BB KING, blues singer
  • CARLOS SANTANA, guitar player
  • KELLY CLARK, snowboarder
  • SUSAN BURGESS-LENT, social entrepreneur
  • ERIC KANDEL, neuroscientist
  • WENDY RIEGER, news anchor
  • PAUL REED SMITH, guitar maker
  • IVANA CHUBBUCK, acting coach
  • LINUS TORVALDS, software architect
  • DAVID ROSS & FEMI LAWAL, performance poets
  • DANA CHLADEK, kayaker
  • ANTHONY MANGIERI, pizza maker
  • ETIRSA SOUTH, runway model
  • GEORGE LEONARD, philosopher
  • LAUNI MEILI, sports shooter
    Author: David Lent
    Published by: Burgess-Lent Media | Publication date: 05/11/2015
    Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 293 pages

    Ningún hueso roto (Temperance Brennan) (Spanish Edition)

    La investigadora Temperance Brennan viaja a Carolina del Sur para sustituir a un colega y coordinar a un grupo de estudiantes de arqueología que trabajan en un cementerio de indios americanos. El rutinario trabajo de campo pronto se ve alterado al descubrirse en el antiguo yacimiento un esqueleto reciente. Un caso que poco a poco se va complicando, al igual que su vida personal. La octava novela de la serie de Temperance Brennan. Kathy Reichs, (Chicago, 1948) Prestigiosa antropóloga forense, investigadora de Laboratorio de ciencias Jurídicas y de Medicina Legal de la provincia de Quebec y del Departamento Forense del Estado de Carolina del Norte, además de profesora. Desde su primera novela, Testigos del silencio , el número de sus lectores no ha parado de aumentar. Su obra ha inspirado la serie televisiva Bones.
    Author: Kathy Reichs
    Published by: RBA | Publication date: 07/18/2014
    Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 416 pages