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ANALYSIS of the Public Broadcasting in Macedonia
Key characteristic of the European Media Policy is the concept of public interest in the media sphere, and its realization in broadcasting is primarily related to the roles and tasks of the Public Broadcasting Service. The document provides an overview of the European public broadcasting principles and standards and their application in the national regulation, i.e. the problems encountered by the public broadcasting enterprise, Macedonian Radio and Television regarding the realization of the functions as a Public Broadcasting Service.
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Radio Broadcasting in the US - Industry Market Research Report
IntroductionMixed signals: Online radio will shrink demand, but improved advertising will support growth DescriptionRadio Broadcasting in the USTrouble in the airwavesImproving advertising budgets will bring some much-needed relief to radio broadcasters, but increasing competition from music streaming sites online, internet-only radio stations and digital music players will hamper industry growth. To maintain profitability, operators will scramble to restructure. One bright spot for the industry will be the growth of satellite radio, which generates revenue from subscription fees on top of advertising.This industry consists of broadcasting stations, networks and syndicates that transmit audio programming through AM, FM and satellite radio channels. The Radio Broadcasting industry excludes operators that function solely online.This report covers the scope, size, disposition and growth of the industry including the key sensitivities and success factors. Also included are five year ind...
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Pirate Radio Broadcasting Complete Manual
Pirate radio broadcasting. How to start a pirate radio station for broadcasting on AM, shortwave radio or pirate FM broadcasting. Transmitters, broadcast antenna, other radio station equipment.
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Voice Broadcasting – A Mass media communication
Voice Broadcasting is a mass-media communication, with which we can convey information like phone number message to the population at the same time by some telephone components.
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Voice Broadcasting For Business Success Voice Broadcasting has gradually evolved as an effective and superior type of communication lending competitive edge to small business groups
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Technology of live stream broadcasting
Live stream broadcasting is a new technology, which is used in the field of entertainment. In the initial days, there was the facility of cables for one to get all the channels on his television.
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Why doing Voice Broadcasting is a good for investment for marketing or not
It can be difficult to compete for small and medium enterprises with the big dogs in each market. It can be even more difficult for the owner of the home-based business to compete in any industry where they have a large marketing budget
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Voice Broadcasting Software which helps many ways to increase business
Today man is dependent on technology for everything. He leads all of his work in the home with the help of machines.
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Voice Broadcasting Software is a leading cloud based auto dialer company offers call center software with 1.5¢ per minute & Unlimited users. For more details call us 302-385-6767.
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Digital TV Broadcasting Handbook
A new era in TV Broadcasting has dawned with the introduction of Digital Television Broadcasting. Whether via Satellite and Cable or by Terrestrial Transmission to existing antennas, Digital TV is revolutionizing TV transmission. Definitive standards have been carefully considered, debated and optimized through field trials and the various delivery platforms are now the subject of recognized ITU international standards.
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