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CSA Guide to Cloud Computing: Implementing Cloud Privacy and Security
CSA Guide to Cloud Computing brings you the most current and comprehensive understanding of cloud security issues and deployment techniques from industry thought leaders at the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA). For many years the CSA has been at the forefront of research and analysis into the most pressing security and privacy related issues associated with cloud computing. CSA Guide to Cloud Computing provides you with a one-stop source for industry-leading content, as well as a roadmap into the future considerations that the cloud presents. The authors of CSA Guide to Cloud Computing provide a wealth of industry expertise you won't find anywhere else. Author Raj Samani is the Chief Technical Officer for McAfee EMEA; author Jim Reavis is the Executive Director of CSA; and author Brian Honan is recognized as an industry leader in the ISO27001 standard. They will walk you through everything you need to understand to implement a secure cloud computing structure for your enterprise or organization.
  • Your one-stop source for comprehensive understanding of cloud security from the foremost thought leaders in the industry
  • Insight into the most current research on cloud privacy and security, compiling information from CSA's global membership
  • Analysis of future security and privacy issues that will impact any enterprise that uses cloud computing
Published by: Syngress | Publication date: 09/22/2014
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 227 pages

ISO27001 in a Windows Environment
Essential guidance for everyone involved in a Windows®-based ISO27001 projectMost ISO27001 implementations will involve a Windows® environment at some level. Unfortunately, there is often a knowledge gap between those trying to implement ISO27001 and the IT specialists trying to put the necessary best practice controls in place using Microsoft®’s technical controls. ISO27001 in a Windows® Environment bridges that gap and gives essential guidance to everyone involved in a Windows®-based ISO27001 project.Successfully implement ISO27001 in a Windows® environment with this step-by-step guideThe third edition of ISO27001 in a Windows® Environment covers Windows® 8 and Microsoft® Windows Server® 2012. It is also completely aligned to ISO27001:2013, the latest version of the international standard for information security management.•Details the various controls required under ISO27001, together with the relevant Microsoft® products that can be used to implement them. •Explains how to make the most of Windows® security features. •Ideal for bridging the knowledge gap between ISO27001 and Windows® security. Contents1. Information and Information Security; 2. Using an ISMS to Counter the Threats; 3. An Introduction to ISO27001; 4. Identify your Information Assets; 5. Conducting a Risk Assessment; 6. An Overview of Microsoft Technologies; 7. Implementing ISO27001 in a Microsoft environment; 8. Securing the Windows® environment; 9. Securing the Microsoft® Windows Server® platform; 10. Auditing and Monitoring; 11. Securing your Servers; 12. Appendix 1: Overview of security settings for Windows Server® 2008 and 2012 servers and domain controllers; 13. Appendix 2: Bibliography, Reference and Further ReadingAbout the AuthorBrian Honan is a recognised industry expert on information security, in particular the ISO27001 information security standard. An independent consultant, Brian provides consulting services to clients in various industry segments and his work includes advising various government security agencies and the European Commission. Brian also established Ireland’s first ever Computer Security Incident Response Team.
Author: Brian Honan
Published by: IT Governance Publishing | Publication date: 04/19/2016
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 227 pages

The Cloud Security Rules
The Cloud Security Rules explains the different aspects of cloud security to business leaders, CxO's, IT-managers and decision makers. The security principles are the same as before while the implementation and the risks involved are dramatically changed. The book is co-authored by some of the most recognized security specialists and bloggers in the world. The authors are gathered from USA, Europe and Africa, sharing their great knowledge of implementing and securing the cloud. This book is made to help it easier for you to choose the right cloud supplier as well as setting up and running your critical services in the cloud. Questions you will find answers about include: - Do I have to accept that standard SLA? - What should an SLA include? - What standards should I be paying attention to, if any? - How do I treat mobile workers, and how do they fit into the cloud? - Do I really need to care about logging? - Many more! Since the cloud computing is global, you risk using service providers in other countries than your own - even if you only operate in your own country. The Cloud Security Rules aims at helping you understand the risks involved, and help you determine the best strategy for your organization.
Published by: The Roer Group | Publication date: 04/23/2012
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 237 pages

Academic and Career Advice for the Curious From 27 Top Professors and Nobel Prize Winners: Choosing the Best University Major for High School & College Students, Their Advisors, Teachers, and Parents
Are you considering choosing your major or career path? You’re not sure which major is right for you?Don’t worry. We know choosing a career path is a major decision, but that’s why we have co-authored this book to help you.It takes three minutes to read this book description. This will be the best three minutes you will spend reading anything today.It’s because... the career advice we’ve offered in this guide (a peer-reviewed book) is extremely powerful. This book, co-authored by over 30 top professors, gives you the ability and confidence to make an informed major/career choice by answering hundreds of important questions.Who’s this guide for? This guide has been written to help:
  • The high school/college students who are undecided and confused about choosing their university major
  • The college/university students who are considering choosing their major or career path but not sure about their choice
  • The career/academic advisors and guidance counselors who need to help the students and answer their major/career questions
  • The parents who want to gain an understanding of the major (in plain English) and help their children with their career choice
  • The teachers, instructors or professors who need to advise the students.
Which Majors Have Been Covered in This Book?
  • Accounting, Finance, Economics
  • Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Environmental Science/Studies
  • Mathematics, Computer Science, Information Technology/Systems
  • Nursing, Medical Science
  • Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering
  • Communication, Public Speaking, Writing
  • Psychology, Philosophy, Sociology
  • Fashion Design, Hospitality & Tourism, and so on
Who’ve Written This Book?This book has been co-authored by over 30 top US, UK, Canadian, and Australian university professors and Nobel Prize winners including from:
  • Harvard University
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Princeton University
  • Yale University
  • University of California Berkeley
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • University of Chicago, and so on.
Save Your Time and Your Parents’ Money in Extra TuitionWhy spend semesters after semester figuring it out when this detailed and helpful book can streamline the process for you in just a couple of hours? Save your time and your parents’ money in extra tuition.We Promise You Won’t Be DisappointedRather than making a career decision based on impulse and emotions (and regret later), you should do your own research (and make an informed career decision).The good news is we have done this research for you. So what is the harm in reading our expert advice & insights and confidently choose your major/career path?If you decide to read this life-changing guide today, then we promise you won’t be disappointed. We repeat – this is the only career guide which offers multiple expert perspectives from the top professors.You Need Expert Help to Make the Right DecisionMake no mistake; this book is NOT about boring theories. All you need to do is give this book a try, and discover your major.Take this book as an investment in your career. You need help to make the right decision with complete confidence about your major/career which will impact the next 40 years of your life.Take charge of your major and career path today with just 1-Click at the top of this page.