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In this newly revised edition, Brett Hull tells his own story and shares his troubles and triumphs. Through all the pressure and controversy that comes with being an NHL great, he strives to stay on top of his game and to maintain an easygoing attitude.
Category: Sports & Recreation. ISBN: 9781572435964

Fort Atkinson
Fort Atkinson has been called the top historical spot in Nebraska, the SAC of 1820, and Americas most important Western outpost. Once the countrys largest fortress beyond the Missouri River, its garrison protected Americas interests in the burgeoning fur trade, provided a base camp for explorations, played host to famous frontiersmen, and was the site where numerous treaties were signed. But by 1961, Fort Atkinson was endangered. The forts buildings had vanished over 100 years before. Decades of farming on the land had nearly erased its footprint. A housing development threatened to obliterate the site forever. There was only a marker with a flagpole raised in 1927 by the Daughters of the American Revolutiona lonely object in the midst of an empty plain. This book tells the story of how that lost fortress was restored to become the major state historical park it is today.
Category: History. ISBN: 9780738583532

Brett Kebble
Who was Brett Kebble? Modern-day Barney Barnato or would-be billionaire with a black heart and dark soul? Saviour of starving street kids and struggling artists or a smuggler with a secret sex life? Philanthropist or profiteer? Master fraudster or political facilitator? Hero and patriot or manipulative pirate? And how could he commit grand larceny against one of the oldest mining houses in South Africa for so long without getting caught?
Category: Biography & Autobiography. ISBN: 9781770073067

Brett Whiteley
When he died in 1992 Brett Whiteley left behind decades of ceaseless activitysome works bound to a particular place or time, others that are masterpieces of light and line. Whiteley had arrived in Europe in 1960 determined to make an impression. Before long he was the youngest artist to have work acquired by the Tate. With his wife, Wendy, and daughter, Arkie, Whiteley then immersed himself in bohemian New York. But within two years he fled, having failed to break through. Back in Sydney, he soon became Australia's most celebrated artist. He won the Archibald, Wynne and Sulman prizes in the same yearhis prices soared, as did his fame. Among his friends were Francis Bacon and Patrick White, Billy Connolly and Dire Straits. Yet addiction was taking its toll: Whiteley struggled in vain to separate his talent from his disease, and an inglorious end approached. Written with unprecedented behind-the-scenes access, and handsomely illustrated with classic Whiteley artworks, rare notebook sketches and candid family photos, this dazzling biography reveals for the first time the full portrait of a mercurial artist. Ashleigh Wilson has been a journalist for almost two decades. He began his career at the Australian in Sydney before spending several years in Brisbane, covering everything from state politics to the Hollingworth crisis to indigenous affairs. He then moved north to become the paper's Darwin correspondent, a posting bookended by the Falconio murder trial and the Howard government's intervention in remote Aboriginal communities. During that time he won a Walkley Award for reports on unethical behaviour in the Aboriginal art industry, a series that led to a Senate inquiry. He returned to Sydney in 2008 and has been the paper's Arts Editor since 2011. He lives in Sydney. Ashleigh Wilson has produced an intriguing, absorbing and assured account of Brett Whiteley's life and work'. Mark Knopfler With relentless precision, Ashleigh Wilson has provided a peerless grasp of the life and genius of Brett Whiteley. This storied journey of one of Australia's most mercurial twentieth-century artists will be impossible for the reader to put aside until it is finished. It is the dispassionate biography Whiteley has long needed: a career clarified from the brilliant clouds of myth.' Barry Pearce, Emeritus Curator of Australian Art at the Art Gallery of NSW A full-dress life of Whiteley that speeds and soars and never ceases to do homage to the colossal confrontation and contradiction the artist representsWilson has written that rarest of things, a 400-page biography that is hard to put down[It] will make you weep for this exasperation of a man and hunger for his art.' Australian An essential and invaluable resource for any Whiteley scholar...Wilson's achievement is considerable...Ashleigh Wilson's Brett Whiteley: Art, Life and the Other Thing is a benchmark publication in Whiteley studies.' Sydney Review of Books The best biography
Category: Biography & Autobiography. ISBN: 9781925498745

Outgrowing Brett
I love having adventurous sex with my college roommate, Brett, and I've always adored the occasional three-ways including his boyfriend, Dylan. So, I assumed that things would only get better when we left the dorm to move in with Dylan for the summer. Brett's cum-whore lifestyle is getting out of hand, though, and I can't help but notice my feelings for his boyfriend are changing, too.
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 9781611607826

Brett Favre
Brett Favre has achieved many things during his time in the NFL: MVP awards, numerous passing records, and a Super Bowl championship. Yet through all his success, Brett never forgot the opportunities he'd been given, and has worked hard to make a difference in other people's lives. His extensive work with disadvantaged and disabled children has proven that he has the heart of a champion both on and off the field. In Brett Favre , sports fans will follow this NFL superstar's amazing football career and also discover how he has made a difference in kids' lives through his work with the Brett Favre Fourward Foundation. Large, full-color action photos and engaging text will keep readers turning the pages for more.
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction. ISBN: 9781597167710

Brett Favre
Quarterback Brett Favre is in a league of his own. By age 29, he had forged a place among pro football's all-time greatest quarterbacks. This biography explores his life and career. It includes information on his childhood, influences, and path to the pros.
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction. ISBN: 9780791096901

Being Brett
Being Brett is a memoir that chronicles the author's daughter's harrowing struggle with Hodgkin's disease. "Hobbie's harrowing account of Brett's last days is a shattering portrait of how a family struggles through the loss of one of its beloved members." - Publishers Weekly
Category: Social Science. ISBN: 9781466823594

Waking Up With Brett and Outgrowing Brett
Waking Up With Brett The first time I woke up with my roommate's mouth on my cock, I was surprised. I wasn't concerned , because I was positive I wasn't gay; but now that we've graduated to frequent anal intercourse, I find myself preoccupied with disturbingly erotic thoughts about Brett, even while I'm with my girlfriend. Outgrowing Brett I love having adventurous sex with my college roommate, Brett, and I've always adored the occasional three-ways including his boyfriend, Dylan. So, I assumed that things would only get better when we left the dorm to move in with Dylan for the summer. Brett's cum-whore lifestyle is getting out of hand, though, and I can't help but notice my feelings for his boyfriend are changing, too.
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 9781682992418

Kylian and Brett
Brett Wescott has a talent for creating quick sketches of people from verbal descriptions. Ones that looked exactly like the subject -- at least according to the tourists who find him either in Jackson Square or one of the bars along Bourbon Street. It helps that he is telepathic. Kylian Dubois is a powerful elf who runs a covert agency he formed in the late seventeen-hundreds to stop paranormals from preying on and killing humans. All of his employees are elves or shifters -- each one with their own reasons for wanting to work with Kylian. When a particularly vicious shifter killer, known as the Phantom Slayer, begins stalking New Orleans, Kylian recruits Brett to help find him -- even though Brett is only human. Slowly a bond forms between Brett and Kylian. A bond that could turn into something more, providing they can deal with their differences.
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 9781634866088
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