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Brand Naming with Memes is an online learning centre for marketing professionals. Brand Naming, Brand Positioning, Brand Equity, Touch Point Mapping, Brand Profiling, Creative Brief.
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A new bookselling start-up funded by authors and other investors is forming partnerships with publishers and independent booksellers and aims to replace the Google eBooks re-seller program as the go-to platform for indies interested in selling e-books.
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Why Hire a Naming Firm?
When looking to get any task accomplished, there are usually two main routes to choose from: do it yourself, or get someone to do it for you. Which route we choose depends on a number of factors. Related to the task itself, some factors include its complexity, how important it is relative to other tasks, and how quickly it needs to be done.
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Want Your Startup Name In The Dictionary? Choose Wisely
The English language is constantly evolving. Experts at Merriam-Webster and the Oxford English Dictionary perennially add words that have been invented and accepted in our daily lexicons. The practice can be controversial, however, since it sometimes involves removing other, older words entirely.
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MossMedia > Brand Identity Sampler 2010
Your business isn’t your logo. Your business is your brand. This document presents MossMedia’s brand strategy and identity design,featuring original names, taglines, messaging, and logo designs – custom createdfor a wide-range of companies and organizations.As these samples demonstrate, the process of refining or creating a brand identityis about more than just a well-designed logo or brandmark.By all accounts, designing a solution that captures the essence and energy ofyour company is not only a strategic business decision, it’s key to capturingcompetitive advantage in the global marketplace.Your brand is our business.
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Remember T-Mobile's Bobsled? It has 1 million users now
T-Mobile USA's Bobsled, an Internet-based calling and messaging service, has become the little engine that could. In a little more than a year, Bobsled has exceeded 1 million users. That's an impressive benchmark considering the service gets practically no marketing support and has little consumer awareness.
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Brand Management Tools is the first online branding learning centre for marketing professionals who need quick branding knowledge refreshers.
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Brand Differentiators: Lessons from the past
Though simplicity in brand architecture should always be the rule of thumb, brands and sub-brands deserve more than simple descriptors, especially if they're to be differentiated. Two historical cases shed further light on the matter: Ivory Soap and Miller Lite.
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Everybody Speaks Food
Culinary language and the fastest way to a consumer’s heart
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Social Structure
Structurally, brand names run the gamut from simple real words (think Apple) to constructions that have no discernible parts with any inherent meaning (think Kodak). Though it works at a different level than semantic meaning, word structure can also communicate certain attributes to consumers.
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