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Brand Monitoring – Monitor Your Brand’s Social Presence
If you happen to chance upon any reading material about social media brand monitoring, it is likely that you would suggest, every brand must be aware of the social dialogue that goes round concerning them.
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Importance of Brand Monitoring Solutions
Today brand monitoring is no longer an option. It is more of a requirement for any company or an individual who has launched a product brokered online.
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Let's Get Sentimental - Online Brand Monitoring
This article discusses the emergence of online brand monitoring
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The Era of Online Brand Monitoring Solutions
Years back brand monitoring was radically different from what is being practiced today.
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Botpod helps to improvee Brand Monitoring
Botbod releases its Online Reputation Management (ORM) tool that helps in improving Brand monitoring. ORM is one of the crucial aspects in this age of internet for both an individual and business. Business who did not care there internet reputation will sees their search engine ranking drop precipitously and the top results in major search engines may even be replaced by negative or false content published by opponents or other.
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JDSU Strengthens Authentication Solutions with Additional Online Brand Monitoring Capabilities
JDSU today announced that it is expanding its range of offerings with the addition of an online brand monitoring service. JDSU is leveraging the expertise and commercially-proven technology of NewMomentum, a provider of online brand protection solutions based in San Rafael, California.
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Social Media Monitoring ROI: Metrics For Measurement
ROI (Return on Investment) has become a major question mark in the social media monitoring space. Although some social media monitoring tools focus on delivering relevant and accurate data, others focus on measurement and engagement.
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Position2 Launches "Brand Monitor" - A Social Media Analytics and Engagement Software Product
Position2 has launched a new product in the Social Media Analytics and Engagement space, called Brand Monitor.
Uploaded by position2 on 07/28/2010
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Is Your Audience Truly Engaged via Social Media?
Research by our team at Position2 shows that, for most brands, getting their customers’ attention is fairly simple. As a marketer, you have managed to get your audience to notice you; now what?
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Online Brand Protection through Social Media
Positive press is all about engaging the audience online, getting them to speak about your brand, which in turn acts as a promotion. It is thus essential to realize that it is this audience at large that make or break the brand. Your primary focus is to engage them and generate positive feedback.
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