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Brand Management Tools is the first online branding learning centre for marketing professionals who need quick branding knowledge refreshers.
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The ROI of Smart Brand Management
Harnessing the power of digital systems for a stronger brand
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Brand management and Business Reputation for Brand Recognition
It scarcely matters whether you are constructing a reputation or even endorsing a product the basic principles remain the same. Try to be on your feet since people will likely be after your brands reputation to ensure they are noticed as you have a foul brand name in the market. You must establish yourself persistently for your audience and also build their trust throughout the years. Reputation management necessitates the right point of view oftentimes proactive and many times reactive.
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Brand Management in the Energy Sector
Master Thesis - 2009 Brand Management in the Energy Sector: a means‐end approach to identify and build sources to brand equity in a B2B green energy context in Norway.
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Brand Management
Brand Management
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Brand Management 2.0
Brand Management
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Midas Brand Management
Midas Brand Management Corporate Profile 2010
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Effective Managed Care Pull-Through Programs |Pharmaceutical Brand Management
Our proven multichannel messaging techniques announce your pharma brand managed care wins, unique value proposition to targeted physicians resulting manifold increase in your market share.
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Product and Brand management Assignment (2nd year Marketing Management) Grade: A
The purpose of this assignment was to design a product which has the potential to inceease revenue for Soy Works (a genuine company) by 50% to 1.8 million dollars within 2 years. The assignment had to include: 1 - A marketing plan. 2 - A communications plan 3 - A graphic artist’s brief. 4 - A prototype design of my own in response to this brief.
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brand management
more information
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