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Anthropologie: UK Brand Equity Analysis and Strategic Recommendations
A branding report analyzing key issues impacting brand equity of Anthropologie in the UK.
Uploaded by katrinaolivier on 06/25/2012
Digital publication details: 63 pages.

Making Great Brands: the GBQ:35 Brand Equity Model
A summary overview of Power Decisions Group's GBQ:35 brand equity model. This model captures the essence of brand through the five dimensions of all great brands and the three key components of brand: brand picture, brand promise, and the value bundle.
Uploaded by powerdecisions on 10/01/2009
Digital publication details: 11 pages.

The influence of mobile marketing on brand equity
Is mobility on demand a good investment? Research done by Stijn Driessen and Bart van Leeuwen
Uploaded by stijndriessen on 01/22/2009
Digital publication details: 41 pages.

Managing brand equity
Managing brand equity
Uploaded by id-vivian on 06/17/2011
Digital publication details: 5 pages.

Empherical study on the impact of Advertisement and Media Exposure on the Brand equity of Vodafone
Empherical study on the impact of Advertisement and Media Exposure on the Brand equity of Vodafone
Uploaded by sanjaykumarguptaa on 07/04/2012
Digital publication details: 94 pages.
Tags: marketing · mba

Using Twitter to Build Brand Equity
Twitter marketing tips and strategies. Visit my Website for more Twitter resouces Here:
Uploaded by vbaxter on 01/06/2012
Digital publication details: 4 pages.

How To Use Twitter To Build Brand Equity
Uploaded by tiger0007 on 01/14/2012
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Brand Naming with Memes is an online learning centre for marketing professionals. Brand Naming, Brand Positioning, Brand Equity, Touch Point Mapping, Brand Profiling, Creative Brief.
Uploaded by pitstopbranding on 10/04/2010
Digital publication details: 11 pages.

Brand Management Tools is the first online branding learning centre for marketing professionals who need quick branding knowledge refreshers.
Uploaded by pitstopbranding on 10/02/2010
Digital publication details: 13 pages.

Campaign for Independent Brand Valuation
Brands are the single most valuable intangible assets in business today. They drive demand, motivate staff, secure business partners and reassure financial markets. Leading-edge organisations recognise the need to understand brand equity and brand value when making strategic decisions. But brand valuation is being brought into disrepute by the wide discrepancies in value ascribed to the same brands by different valuation consultancies. What’s needed to rebuild confidence, says Brand Finance plc CEO David Haigh, is more transparent brand valuation methods and assumptions — and greater independence and objectivity by the valuation firms.
Uploaded by brandfinance on 10/30/2011
Digital publication details: 8 pages.
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