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Stop Brand Counterfeiting from Hurting Your Bottom-Line
Counterfeiting is a grave issue and it is no wonder then that it has received the rather infamous label of being the crime of the 21st century. Counterfeiting infringes upon the actual brand or intellectual property of the original manufacturer.
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Protect Your Brand from Counterfeiting
One of the major threats to any brand’s reputation today is product counterfeiting. It is generally perceived as a victimless offense with “fakes” generating a cheap alternative for original products. Counterfeit criminals see this process as one that has a low prosecution risk with light penalties as compared to other frauds. Whereas in reality international trade in counterfeited products is calculated to surpass six percent of the total global trade. It is not only harmful for investors and businesses but also has a damaging effect on society and the overall global economy.
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Protect Your Brand Trademark With Anti Counterfeiting Solutions
Back in the year 2007, the International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition found out that approximately 80 percent of the counterfeits confiscated by the U.S. customs authorities originated in China.
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Define the Right Customized Anti Counterfeiting Solution
Counterfeiting is one of the largest and most prevalent threat affecting businesses worldwide, thus one of the most crucial areas that needs to be monitored rigorously by manufacturers. Pharmaceuticals, toys, furniture, software, electronics etc. have all fallen prey to counterfeiters at some point of time or other.
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Protect Brand, Revenue and Customer Satisfaction with Brand Protection Software
In today’s competitive environment, companies need to be wary of counterfeiting, gray market, trademark infringement and much more in order to stay afloat. Hence, enterprises deploy brand protection software to protect their brand and trademark from exploitation. However, most brand protection solutions do not include product-counterfeiting features. All they do is scour the Internet for exploitation of trademark or brand and nothing beyond that. Though trademark infringement and brand name misuse are serious issues that cannot be downplayed, product counterfeiting is what that brings in great losses. From pharmaceutical, high tech to retail luxury goods companies, there is not a single industry that has not experienced the outcomes of counterfeiting. It has affected not just the brand, but also revenues and more importantly the profit margins.
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The Holography Times
As brand counterfeiting has become a big menace, its time to change the behaviour and approach of the brand owners to enable them to safeguard their products and serives from duplicacy. Negative impact of counterfeiting can be diminished to a great level if it becomes a part of every brand strategy-plan and review process-with the accountability of the brand owners towards its most valuable asset for example Brand.
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Brand Counterfeiting- Harmful Environment for Business Growth
Today with technological evolution, a large number of enterprises have entered the world of e-commerce. With strong footprints on the World Wide Web, these brands have ventured to make large profits too. However, along with the world wide digital presence of their brands, these enterprises are also challenged by threats from cyber criminals.
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Can Counterfeiting be beneficial for Brands a third dimension on Brand Piracy
Can Counterfeiting be beneficial for Brands? a third dimension on Brand Piracy. Counterfeiting can give brands access to new markets and brand piracy can help increase a brands value. Read more about Counterfeit Goods and Brand Piracy in Asia and India.
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Fighting Pharmaceutical Counterfeiting
Pharmaceutical counterfeits can be dangerous since they can be passed off as real drugs owing to counterfeit labeling or usage of counterfeit ingredients.
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Pharma Anti Counterfeiting Solutions to prevent Product Counterfeiting
As per U.S. law, counterfeit drugs are “those sold under a product name without proper authorization. Counterfeiting can apply to both brand name and generic products, where the identity of the source is mislabeled in a way that suggests that it is the authentic approved product.
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