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Brand: A Purist's Perspective
A slideshow on the philosophy of brand.
Uploaded by blackdogstrategy on 01/17/2011
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MossMedia > Brand Platform Overview
Your brand platform is a working resource that will evolve over time. MossMedia has a formula for discovering what your brand is, and isn’t. We happen toknow from experience, it’s the best foundation you can provide for your business.
Uploaded by mossmedia on 01/01/2011
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Brand Governance
A company's brand and reputation are invaluable assets and need to be guarded carefully, particularly in a volatile business climate. Boards must go beyond lip service and establish robust governance processes for their corporate brands, says David Hensley, Global MD of Brand Finance
Uploaded by brandfinance on 10/18/2011
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Brand Development - Education
Start Up Education Brand
Uploaded by kingsnation on 08/26/2012
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Tampax Brand Brief and Brand Story
In my Creative Brand Management Class I was assigned the brand Tmapax to do a Brand Brief and Brand story about. This is the result.
Uploaded by aleccblack on 03/08/2009
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Campaign for Independent Brand Valuation
Brands are the single most valuable intangible assets in business today. They drive demand, motivate staff, secure business partners and reassure financial markets. Leading-edge organisations recognise the need to understand brand equity and brand value when making strategic decisions. But brand valuation is being brought into disrepute by the wide discrepancies in value ascribed to the same brands by different valuation consultancies. What’s needed to rebuild confidence, says Brand Finance plc CEO David Haigh, is more transparent brand valuation methods and assumptions — and greater independence and objectivity by the valuation firms.
Uploaded by brandfinance on 10/30/2011
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Penn Schoen Berland - Brand Image Importance Among Global Bizfluentials
Survey by Penn Schoen Berland tells us that brand image is the most important non-financial driver of regard for companies among Global Bizfluentials™. Indian Bizfluentials™ see their country’s entrepreneurial spirit as a significantly bigger driver of recent Indian successes than their Global counterparts do. Generally positive about Brand India, Global Bizfluentials™ see India’s Construction, Automotive and Energy industries as part of a strong sectoral mix led by IT.
Uploaded by psbsrch on 02/05/2013
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Kayak Brand Campaign
This brand campaign was presented in Fall 2008 at the VCU Brandcenter in Richmond, VA. Campaign Team Included: Brand Manager: Nerissa Marbury Communication Strategist: Ben Alter Art Director: J.D. Humphries Copywriter: Tristan Smith
Uploaded by 1epiphanee on 04/19/2009
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Brand Naming with Memes is an online learning centre for marketing professionals. Brand Naming, Brand Positioning, Brand Equity, Touch Point Mapping, Brand Profiling, Creative Brief.
Uploaded by pitstopbranding on 10/04/2010
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Brand Camera
Reveal your picture perfect brand with Studio Pinpoint's Brand Camera. Confused about your story? Do you tell different people different things about your company? Do you feel like your company story needs to come into focus? Brand Camera is for you.
Uploaded by studiopinpoint on 10/05/2011
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