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The Heart Doctrine
A theory on peace. Compares various inspirational leaders through modern history, and shows the commonalities in thier strategy for resolving conflict.
Uploaded by pinkus on 04/14/2011
Digital publication details: 16 pages.

American Atheist Magazine
A Journal of Atheist News and Thought
Uploaded by atheists on 03/31/2006
Digital publication details: 13 pages.

Uploaded by newsline on 07/31/2010
Digital publication details: 76 pages.
Tags: travelx · august · 2010

Brave New World
A brave new world
Uploaded by misterc on 08/10/2010
Digital publication details: 176 pages.
Tags: world · fiction · science

Mahatma Gandhi's Autobio.
The great (actually, simple) Gandhi's biography.
Uploaded by esskae59 on 07/10/2010
Digital publication details: 269 pages.
Tags: gandhi · mahathma

"My-Experiments-With-Truth" By Mahatma Gandhi
Autobigraphy of Late Shri MohanDas Karamchand Gandhi
Uploaded by manvendrasinghtanwar on 01/28/2012
Digital publication details: 165 pages.

WOW What's On Where Issue 52
Whats On in the Midlands, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Rutland, Nottingham, Birmingham, Market Harborough, Competitions, Theatre, Cinema, Events, Food, Health, Fitness, Lifestyle, Sports, Leisure, Arts, Movies, Dance, Education, Business
Uploaded by regcox on 03/31/2013
Digital publication details: 32 pages.

Malthus\ Essay on the Principle of Population
A discussion of the ideas of T.R. Malthus and their relevance to our times
Uploaded by johnavery on 07/25/2011
Digital publication details: 34 pages.

Encyclopedia of Ancient and Forbidden Secrets
Encyclopedia of Ancient and Forbidden Secrets
Uploaded by kennyhodges on 04/29/2011
Digital publication details: 199 pages.

The case against kids
In 1832, Charles Knowlton, a doctor in Ashfield, Massachusetts, published a short book with a long title: „Fruits of Philosophy: The Private Companion of Young Married People, by a Physician.” Knowlton, who was thirty - one, was a „freethinker” and, by the standards of the Berkshires, an unusually adventurous soul.
Uploaded by sinteza_press on 01/19/2013
Digital publication details: 4 pages.
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