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The Blue Ocean Explorer
Are you a Blue Ocean Explorer? In this issue, we take inspiration from the Blue Ocean Strategy way of thinking, that encourages us to 'create new demand in an uncontested market space' (otherwise a “Blue Ocean”), rather than compete in an existing industry. We've gathered stories from young entrepreneurs in different fields with a hope to inspire you to make a difference or perhaps create your own “Blue Ocean” someday. Till we meet again in the next issue, we’d love to hear from you. Write us with your comments and stories. With love, All of us at I.M.
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Blue Ocean Strategy Synopsis
Blue Ocean Strategy Synopsis by Mário Luís Tavares Ferreira, 2009 – Rev.1. It is a small document that talks about the Blue Ocean Strategy based on the book of Kim and Mauborgne.
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Blue Ocean Strategy Summary
Blue Ocean Strategy is a strategy generation toolkit. It is there to help you achieve clear profitable growth in an ocean of me too competitors
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Blue Ocean Chronicles - a Trilogy - cycling for all
The unedited, original version of 3 articles published over days 1, 2 & 3 of the Show daily, at Taipei International Bicycle show 2011. Published Show Daily's :
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Blue Ocean Stratergy
Upload May, 2010
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The Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob Vol. 1 - preview
Web Preview of Blue Ocean Bob Discovers His Purpose
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Blue Ocean Bob 2-in-1 Memory and Old Doc Card Game
Blue Ocean Bob characters with phrases make up a 37 card deck for playing a Memory matching game and an "Old Doc" card game.
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Blue Ocean - Bios Life Franchise Business Presentation
Blue Ocean - Bios Life Franchise Business Presentation
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