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White and Black
An Illuminati story, two ancient blank verse plays, a theory of everything, of mind, and of ilum life and a story as a binder.

Red, White and Black
In 1965 a Soviet emissary was sent to Memphis, Tennessee, to create social anarchy by exploiting the civil rights movement and fund the war in Southeast Asia through the sale of drugs. During a civil rights march from Memphis to Jackson, Mississip

Magic: White and Black
This book was originally written for the purpose of disenchanting certain credulous inquirers, who fancied that the exercise of spiritual powers could be taught by teaching them certain incantations and formulas. It was to prove that spiritual pow

Red, White and Black
The 2nd Danny Lansing Adventure novel. For 65 years, the wreckage of an aeroplane has lain scattered on a remote Norwegian mountainside - a poignant and lonely memorial to the failure of its clandestine wartime mission. But when Danny and his uncle, Angus, discover that secret wartime documents are rumoured to have been within the plane, they decide they must investigate. A terrifying chain of events is set in motion that could spell disaster for thousands of people! Danny and Anguss investigation takes them from the freezing wastes of Norway to the high peaks of the Alps and on into the heart of Poland. What is the connection between the aeroplane and the extremist Adler Kommando? What is their repulsive leader planning? Who is the mysterious Agent and what service is he expected to provide? The closer they get to the answers, the more horrified they become…

Red, White and Black
In 1965 a Soviet emissary was sent to Memphis, Tennessee, to create social anarchy by exploiting the civil rights movement and fund the war in Southeast Asia through the sale of drugs. During a civil rights march from Memphis to Jackson, Mississippi, the communist agent meets Trifecta Johnson, a black teenager who is chosen to be one of the students to integrate the oldest white high school in Memphis. Trifecta lives in one of the city's roughest housing projects with his grandmother and two antagonistic cousins. All three boys have been abandoned by their mothers. The South Memphis ghetto is controlled by a street thug called The Mayor, who sells drugs at the corner of Mississippi Boulevard and Walker Avenue. With racial tensions mounting due to the integration of the city's high schools, a retired newspaper reporter challenges Henry Murphy, a less-than-stellar white student at Central High School, to write socially significant articles for the school newspaper. Henry, impassioned by his mentor's encouragement, writes so honestly about the chaotic world around him that his work, especially what doesn't get published, causes him to lose his girlfriend, get suspended from school, become a person of interest to the FBI, fight with Trifecta, and befriend the only hippie girl at his conservative school. For Henry and Trifecta, the irrepressible social pressures to survive integration during the racially volatile garbage strike that will forever change the face of the city and the civil rights movement bring them together, move them to sacrifice, and ultimately force them from their adolescent oblivion.

Blackwhite America: A Fresh Look at Whites and Blacks Living Fitfully Together for 393 Years
Bringing history to life, Blackwhite America chronicles the racial struggle since America's origins. Told in the first-person, present-tense voice of Thomas Jefferson, it is a story of stories, each one reliving a time of important change and deci

Black and White
In a secluded New York City park, a double homicide draws two detectives named McKenna. One is a legend; the other, a brilliant young investigator. Together, they are entering a case that will grow more bizarre and horrifying with each new piece o

Black and White
From the author of Family History and the bestselling memoir Slow Motion comes a spellbinding novel about art, fame, ambition, and family that explores a provocative question: Is it possible for a mother to be true to herself and true to her child

White, Blacks and Whilacks
The book is designed to help whites and blacks improve their relationship with each other. It is also geared toward making biracial people find a place in the world.

Motherhood in Black and White
Motherhood in Black and White

Motherhood in Black and White
Motherhood in Black and White

Black and White with grays
Black and White Photographs

Black and White
By the author of Brewster's Millions, this is a tale of love and romance, and intrigue and suspense, by George Barr McCutcheon.

White Privilege and Black Rights
Examining racial profiling in American policing, Naomi Zack argues against white privilege discourse while introducing a new theory of applicative justice. Zack draws clear lines between rights and privileges and between justice and existing laws

BBC Sport in Black and White
This book provides the first detailed account of the formative decades of BBC televised sport when it launched its flagship programmes Sportsview, Grandstand and Match of the Day. Based on extensive archival research in

Black and White
Bryan was born into an "Anglo-Indian" family in 1952. His schooling was completed in 1968, exclusively in "Anglo-Indian" schools, which, up to that point in time at least, were identifiably "Anglo-Indian". Growing up

Photography FAQs: Black and White
Photography FAQs: Black and White covers every aspect of black & white photography, from capturing the image to filtration, to developing and printing an image and successful presentation. The title offers detailed responses to the key

Mr. Black And White
Marty Williams, an Obama speechwriter, does not get the promised administration job, cannot return to the newspaper because it is closing, loses everything, and sets out in a snowstorm with all he has left, his car and his dog,

Vienna in Black and White
Vienna, Austria, located at the centre of Europe. A city filled with Gothic and Baroque architecture which is classically represented in this photo book in black and white even if more modern cultural influences permeate some of the images. (Hello Simpsons!).

Black and White and Dead All Over
Bad news is brewing in the inner sanctum of the New York Globe, the city's long-standing newspaper of note, whose back is to the wall. Readership, advertising, and circulation are plummeting-along with the paper's vaunted standards-and th
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