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WorldWar Iclaimed more than 995,000 British lives, and its legacy continues to be remembered today. Great War Britain: Birmingham offers an intimate portrayal of the city and its people living in the shadow of the "war to end all wars." A beautifully illustrated and highly accessible volume, it describes local reaction to the outbreak of war; charts the experience of individuals who enlisted; the changing face of industry; the work of the many hospitals in the area; the effect of the conflict on local children; the women who defied convention to play a vital role on the home front; and concludes with a chapter dedicated to how the city and its people coped with the transition to life in peacetime once more. The World War I story of Birmingham is told through the voices of those who were there, and is vividly illustrated through evocative images from the archives of the Library of Birmingham.
Category: History. ISBN: 9780750959698

There are now over 25 books published as part of the Aspects Series, each one taking readers on a voyage of nostalgic discovery through their town, city or area. Here Birmingham, once "The Workshop of the Empire" is revealed in twelve studies of the city and its people. Here we find "Birmingham Municipal Bank", the only successful council operated bank and "Lesser Known Characters" about the city. We see the work of the "Birmingham Mission" and "Birmingham Children's Emigration Homes". During the troubled 1930's, Birmingham held a "Great Pageant" and as war clouds gathered over Europe, the city's young men fought in "The Spanish Civil War". All this and so much more is available in this, the first Aspects of Birmingham.
Category: History. ISBN: 9781871647679

Birmingham Rose
It's never too late to start again... Life is bleak for Rose Lucas, a spirited, intelligent girl, born into a large family in the slums of pre-war Birmingham. But her friendship with Diana, daughter of a vicar from middle-class Moseley, gives her hope. She learns to aspire to a different kind of existence, vowing never to become a child-bearing drudge like her mother. Life, however, never follows the way of dreams. After a childhood marked by tragedy, Rose eventually finds and loses the love for which she has striven so hard. From Italy, where she has travelled during the Second World War, she is forced to return to Birmingham and an unhappy marriage, her hopes and illusions shattered. But Rose will not be defeated and she, too, is determined to rise once again above the devastation of her life...
Category: FICTION / Historical / General. ISBN:

Birmingham Landmarks
Though the landscape has certainly changed, many of Birminghams early landmarkstestaments to the steelworkers who built the city after the Civil War, as well as those who have since prospered hereremain. In Birmingham Landmarks, Alabama native Victoria Myers explores the Magic Citys most prominent industrial and cultural features. Step back in time to discover Rickwood Field, one of Americas oldest baseball parks, and the Carver Theater, the only venue that allowed African Americans to view first-run movies before the civil rights movement. Find out why Birmingham is known as the Pittsburgh of the South at Sloss Furnaces and learn the secrets of Vulcan, who was commissioned for the 1904 Worlds Fair and has become one of the states most recognizable monuments.
Category: History. ISBN: 9781596297388

Birmingham Canals
It is said that there are more miles of canals in Birmingham than in Venice. The canals contributed much to the growth of Birmingham bringing coal and merchandise into the town. From 1838 to 1932 Birmingham continued to grow and absorb neighboring communities. Originally independent canal companies were responsible for these waterways, today run by British Waterways, whose local office at Ocker Hill serves Birmingham and the Black Country. Although part of the national network, each Birmingham canal retains its original identity and most are still in waster and regularly used. This illustrated book captures the old Birmingham canals under busy trade days and compares them to the twilight years and the modern more recreational age.
Category: History. ISBN: 9780752488561

Lost Birmingham
Birmingham has many notable historic landmarks today, but so many more are all but forgotten. The Bangor Cave Casino was once a world-renowned speakeasy. The Thomas Jefferson Hotel featured a zeppelin mooring station, drawing lots of attention from tourists. Other significant sites from the past, such as Hillman Hospital and the buildings on the "Heaviest Corner on Earth," are unknown even to natives now. Local author Beverly Crider presents an intriguing and educational tour through these and more hidden treasures.
Category: History. ISBN: 9781609499884

Remaking Birmingham
The city of Birmingham offers a particularly rich case study on urban regeneration as it strives to build a new city image. Positioned between decline and regeneration, the landscape of the city and its environs collages old and new, producing dramatic contrasts - of industrial and post-industrial urbanisms of crumbling brutalism and spectacular flagship developments, of Victorian housing and diverse cultural lifestyles - that compound the aesthetic and socio-economic means of regeneration. This visually exciting book also reflects upon and extends current debates about public space, cultural zoning and the futures of cities.
Category: Social Science. ISBN: 9780415288385

Birmingham Pals
In the summer of 1914, our finest young men flocked to the colors in Northern towns and cities to answer Lord Kitchener’s ‘Call to Arms’ in a spontaneous burst of enthusiasm and patriotism. The Call appealed to their sense of adventure and offered an escape from the humdrum life of office, factory and mill.The new recruits volunteered with brothers, cousins, friends and work mates. The newly formed units became the focus of local civic pride and soon became known as the Pals. The City of Birmingham formed three such battalions with over 3,000 local volunteers. This book tells their story.Birmingham Pals is a story that covers the full range of human experience in war - the highest courage and bravery, the misery and tedium of trench life, the exhilaration, terror and slaughter involved in ‘going over the top’. Above all, it is a story of interest to people of all backgrounds and ages, as a tale of comradeship, which, for many survivors, was to last a life time.
Category: History. ISBN: 9781848844223

Birmingham Canals
Birmingham is famously reputed to have more miles of canals than Venice. These canals contributed much to the city's growth, bringing coal and merchandise from the surrounding areas. As the city prospered economically, it continued to grow and absorb neighbouring communities, a process in many ways bound together by the waterways. Although part of the national network, Birmingham's canals, including the Worcester & Birmingham, the Stratford-upon-Avon and the Birmingham Canal Navigation, retain their original identity and most are still in water and used regularly, albeit in different ways to their original industrial purpose. Fully updated and illustrated with stunning new photographs, this book captures the heritage, development and modern role of Birmingham's canals in a way that will appeal to canal users as well as those with a wider interest in Britain's second most populous city.
Category: History. ISBN: 9780752488561

Haunted Birmingham
A supernatural tour of Alabama's biggest city, filled with local legends and Southern folklore. Photos included! From the eerie vestiges of the Sloss Furnaces to the unexplained (and un-booked) performances in the Alabama Theatre and the rather otherworldly room service at the Tutwiler Hotel, Birmingham is truly one of the South's supernatural hotbeds. Renowned author and ghost expert Alan Brown delivers a fascinating, downright spine-chilling collection of haunts from around the city and surrounding neighborhoods such as Bessemer, Columbiana, Jasper and Montevallo. Residents and tourists alike will cherish this glimpse into the city's inexplicable occupants, and the lively history behind the legends.
Category: History. ISBN: 9781614233749
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