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Considerations for the Adoption of Cloud-based Big Data Analytics in Small Business Enterprises
This study explores the various adoption criteria that may guide the information technology (IT) professionals in small business enterprises (SBEs) in their decision to adopt cloud-based big data analytics (CBBDA). The research was guided by three major theories of technology adoption, which were: diffusion of innovation, theory of technology acceptance model, and the theory of technology-organization-environment framework. The study was based on a sample of 20 IT professionals from10 SBEs in the state of New Jersey in the United States. The exploratory qualitative research used semi-structure questionnaires to conduct one-on-one interviews with the participants. The results were coded to identify the emergent themes. The study found two categories of CBBDA adoption criteria; they were: (a) internal technology adoption criteria, which were found to be unique to each SBE and (b) external technology adoption criteria, which were found to be uniform to all the SBEs. The internal...
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Balance Your Supply Chain with Big Data
NOW, let us bring Big Data into the picture and see how this outlook changes. A Big Data problem exists if data Volume, Velocity and Variety become difficult or impossible to store, process, and analyze using traditional technology and methods. With Big Data technologies, the capability to find answers faster and cheaper has grown exponentially.
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Big Data Innovation, Issue 2
In this issue we look at the most innovative and engaging ideas affecting those working within big data and analytics
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Analytics - Big Data & the Cloud
Conference Program prepared by Drive Solutions Corp. (
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Big Data: Adding Context to the Clicks | A Guide for Business Analysts
Big data is changing and creating roles right across the business world. How can the emerging data scientists work with business analysts and marketers to drive growth in organisations? Find out in our latest cut-out-and-keep guide for Business Analysts. For more information, visit:
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Webinar on Five Signs you may be outgrowing your MySQL Data Warehouse
Join us for this upcoming webinar on Thur, 28 Mar 2013, 01:00 p.m. EDT, to learn how to migrate your organization to the HP Vertica Analytics Platform and prepare for Big Data analytics success.
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Six Step approach to identify a Big data problem and choose the right Solution
Many have heard the dire predictions about the state of information technology with 10x data growth projections over the coming years. While there is truth to the exploding growth rate of data and the accompanying complexity of analysis, we have faced similar exponential growth in data over reach of the most recent decades; and every time, technology has risen to the challenge and delivered needed capacity for business, governments and individual users. For parallels we need only look to distributed computing in the 1990s and websites in the 2000s.
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Analytics Blindness
Abridged version of presentation given by Eric Klotz at AdExchanger's 'PROGRAMMATIC I/O' conference, 04/08/13 San Francisco
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Big Data: Welcome to the Future | A Guide for CIOs
Big data is about digital content and the information surrounding its consumption. It’s also about the capture and analysis of this data. Companies that aren’t using big data architecture and analytical tools won’t be able to compete with those that are ready and able to handle large, complex, multi- structured data sets. If you're a CIO, check out this cut-out-and-keep guide on how big data will change your world. For more information, visit:
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Big Data Innovation
The Big Data Innovation Magazine.
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