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Big Data
Big Data
Published on 11/12/2018
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Big Data
Big Data - A Revolution That Will Transform How We Live, Work, And Think. By: Viktor Mayer-Schonberger, Kenneth Cukier
Published on 05/04/2017
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Data Mining And Big Data
Data Mining and Big Data
Published on 02/26/2019
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Big Data For Dummies
Big Data for Dummies Learn to Leverage big data tools and architectures Explore how big data can transform your business Integrated structured and unstructured data into your big data environment Use predictive analytics to make better decisions
Published on 01/11/2019
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DTIC ADA625203: Big Data: Big Confusion? Big Challenges?
Value of Big Data: Improvements in strategic decision making operational efficiency. Generating new data sources. Predictive analytics. Market research. Data to Decisions: placing a big bet on big data . The Department of Defense investing $250 million annually. Harness and utilize massive data in new ways and bring together sensing, perception and decision support to make truly autonomous systems that can maneuver and make decisions on their own. Improve situational awareness to help warfighters and analysts and provide increased support to operations. Today, no matter what business you are in, technology, problem-solving and data analytics are at the heart of it.
Published on 11/06/2018
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Big Data And Analytics
Big Data and Analytics 
Published on 02/26/2019
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Big Data Fundamentals
Big Data Fundamentals
Published on 02/26/2019
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Big Data Dimensional Analysis
The ability to collect and analyze large amounts of data is a growing problem within the scientific community. The growing gap between data and users calls for innovative tools that address the challenges faced by big data volume, velocity and variety. One of the main challenges associated with big data variety is automatically understanding the underlying structures and patterns of the data. Such an understanding is required as a pre-requisite to the application of advanced analytics to the data. Further, big data sets often contain anomalies and errors that are difficult to know a priori. Current approaches to understanding data structure are drawn from the traditional database ontology design. These approaches are effective, but often require too much human involvement to be effective for the volume, velocity and variety of data encountered by big data systems. Dimensional Data Analysis (DDA) is a proposed technique that allows big data analysts to quickly understand the overall structure of a big dataset, determine anomalies. DDA exploits structures that exist in a wide class of data to quickly determine the nature of the data and its statical anomalies. DDA leverages existing schemas that are employed in big data databases today. This paper presents DDA, applies it to a number of data sets, and measures its performance. The overhead of DDA is low and can be applied to existing big data systems without greatly impacting their computing requirements.
Published on 06/30/2018
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Big Data Analytics
In the present generation, data has become the basis for most of the innovations in advanced sciences and technologies. However, the data that is used for analysis is huge and contains disparate data fields. Analyzing this data is a non-trivial task. Nevertheless, with the advancement in big data research, new technologies have been invented to handle problems related to big data. One such technology is Big Data Analytics. It has a wide application scope and very useful in future prediction tasks using the data in hand. In this work, we briefly introduce Big Data Analytics and its importance as well as some of its applications and challenges. 
Published on 11/04/2018
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Big Data Analysis
Big Data Analysis
Published on 02/27/2019
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