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Best of the Best
Josh is still flying high from his team's tournament win at Cooperstown when his parents start talking about a divorce. Now his dad is challenging him to play the best of the best at the Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. But does he just want to get Josh out of the way? Two things are sure: His father's new girlfriend, Diane, is looking to change things, and Josh is determined to get her and her terrible son out of his life. With the help of Benji and Jaden, Josh races to get the facts that can keep his family togetherbut it's ever harder to concentrate on the game and make the winning plays that will lead his team to victory. In his compelling style, Tim Green delivers great sports action and morea fast-paced adventure about friendship, the power of becoming a team, and finding a way to get what you need when you can't have what you want.
Category: Children's & Young Adult Fiction. ISBN: 9780061686245

Best Ideas
Gordon, Randy, and Travis have been lovers for years. When their plans for Christmas this year are scuttled by the demands of Randy's job, Travis and Gordon are left trying to make the best of things without him.
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 9781615811021

Best Before
Long before there was the ready meal, humans processed food to preserve it and make it safe. From fire to fermentation, our ancestors survived periods of famine by changing the very nature of their food. This ability to process food has undoubtedly made us one of the most successful species on the planet, but have we gone too far? Through manipulating chemical reactions and organisms, scientists have unlocked all kinds of methods of to improve food longevity and increase supply, from apples that stay fresh for weeks to cheese that is matured over days rather than months. And more obscure types of food processing, such as growing steaks in a test-tube and 3D-printed pizzas, seem to have come straight from the pages of a science-fiction novel. These developments are keeping up with the changing needs of the demanding consumer, but we only tend notice them when the latest scaremongering headline hits the news. Best Before puts processed food into perspective. It explores how processing methods have evolved in many of the foods that we love in response to big business, consumer demand, health concerns, innovation, political will, waste and even war. Best Before arms readers with the information they need to be rational consumers, capable of making informed decisions about their food.
Category: Business. ISBN: 9781472941435

Relative Best
Zeke, a busy hotel owner, and Victor, in town searching for his Native American roots, bond over their experiences as orphans and discover love can sneak up when you're least looking for it.
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 9781634775717

The Best
Ransom Burke, the handsome, wealthy, gay CEO of Burke, Burke, and Hammett, has implemented a strict no-fraternization rule for his firm. And with good reasonhis father's profligate ways almost destroyed the family company. Ransom's new policy works well until he comes into the office one day and sees Parrish Rutledge, his new executive secretary. Ransom finds Parrish extremely attractive but fights his feelings. If he takes Parrish as a lover, he'll have to fire him. Parrish has been alone since he was sixteen, having been tossed out by his older brother. He dreams of his boss but knows nothing can ever come of it. Then an office party becomes their undoing and they give in to their passion. As expected, Ransom offers Parrish a choice: stay and ignore what happened or leave the job and return to college. Neither option is even remotely appealing. If only Parrish could persuade Ransom there's a third possibility.
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 9781623803889

Best Friends
Martha Moody's national bestsellera compassionate and tender novel about best friends from college. A testament to the power of female friendship. When Clare Mann arrives at Oberlin in 1973, she's never met anyone like Sally Rose. Rich and beautiful, Sally is utterly foreign to a middle-class, Midwestern Protestant like Clareand utterly fascinating. The fascination only grows when Sally brings her home to L.A. Mr. Rosecharismatic, charming, and owner of a profitable business shrouded in secreyis nearly as compelling a figure to Clare as he is to his own daughter. California seems like paradise after winters in Ohio. And Clare begins to look forward desperately to these visits, to carefree rides in Sally's Kharmann Ghia and lazy poolside days. As the years pass, Clare becomes a doctor and Sally a lawyer, always remaining roommates at heart, a plane ride or phone call away. Marriages and divorces and births and deaths do not separate them. But secrets mightfor as Clare watches, the Rose family begins to self-destruct before her eyes. And the things she knows are the kinds of things that no one wants to tell a best friend.
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 9781573229357

Third Best
Welcome to Shore Mount ? one of India's most prestigious co-ed residential schools. Here, short skirts reign and sports stars are revered, and skinny dips and sneaking girls into boys' rooms are as much a part of the curriculum as the cool Mr Gomez's literature lessons ... Into this world arrives Nirvan Shrivastava, with tremendous expectations weighing on his shoulders. After all, he's following in the footsteps of three generations of brilliant Shrivastavas immortalized on every possible honors board in the school. As he hesitatingly negotiates the crazy roller-coaster ride that is life at Shore Mount, he finds true buddies in Gautam, an unlikely musical genius obsessed with all things edible, and Faraz, the slick ladies' man. Together the boys discover that in Shore Mount survival means much more than braving the chill of heater-less dorms, or scrubbing toilets clean with toothbrushes. And as they learn to stand up to vicious bullies on and off the playing fields and survive the agony of heartaches and broken bones, they find themselves hurtling towards adulthood far sooner than they could have ever imagined ...
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 9789350093719

Sunday Best
George Verrey Smith, a suburban teacher, is bored. Bored with his wife, his life, his job. He endures each bleak day with his joyless wife named Joy. The only bright spot in George's life is Sunday. On Sunday George looks his best. On Sunday George dresses up. On Sunday, George becomes Emily. Adorned in his wife's discarded dresses, a blond wig and a slathering of make-up, George feels at ease in drag. It is during a stint as 'Emily' that one of George's colleagues is murdered. George is a prime suspect and must remain in his alter-ego as a genteel older woman to avoid arrest. Will he remain as Emily for the rest of his life? Would he be happy to do so? Booker Prize winner Bernice Ruben's witty and intelligent novel is as entertaining as it is unusual. 'An absorbing book. It's tightly constructed, with a vivid and entertaining plot...Bernice Rubens is capable of powerful writing' - Book World
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 9781448200016

George Best
George Best was sheer magic. Plucked from the mean streets of Belfast by a canny old scout, he astonished everyone at Old Trafford with his unique gift for the game, bursting into Matt Busby's first team at 17. He starred as Manchester United won the League title in 1964/65 while still in his teens and fame followed. 'El Beatle' became football's first pop idol in 1966 after the match of his life against Benfica in Lisbon. He shone again in 1966/67 as the Red Devils clinched the League title once more and then he was central to the lifting of the European Cup in 1968. Packed full of rare photos and personal insight from the men who knew him best on the pitch, the likes of Sir Bobby Charlton and Denis Law, this book examines the career of a legend, celebrates the talent of a truly exceptional footballer and nods in heartfelt appreciation to the sporting gods who sent George Best to thrill us all.
Category: Sports & Recreation. ISBN: 9781849838078

Best Enemies
Some Girls Just Have To Be The Best At Everything. If any two girls know about being the best, it's Heather Fox and Jasmine King. Just ask them; they'll be happy to tell you. But every girl knows that there can only be one "best." Can Sasha keep the girls from turning the arena into a war zone and still snag a spot on the coveted Youth Equestrian National Team?
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 9781416990376
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