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Columbia Business School's Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. Center for Leadership and Ethics brochure
The Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. Center for Leadership and Ethics is the umbrella for leadership and ethics activities at the School and an active forum for thought-leadership for the teaching and research on the ethics and governance challenges confronting the current and the next generation of global business leaders.
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Preventing the Next Financial Crisis
This research symposium brought together leading faculty, industry experts and financial journalists to explore lessons from the current financial crisis. Speakers discussed creating a new framework for regulation and incentive structures for tomorrow’s financial markets, with an eye not only on stability but also on distributive fairness in society.
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Governance, Executive Compensation and Excessive Risk in the Financial Services Industry
The recent financial crisis has brought about a wide range of policy measures, and these measures have helped to circumvent a major global recession. The crisis has also reinforced the need for structural reforms—especially in the banking and financial services sector—that still have to be addressed by governments. In addition, the crisis has shown the need for policy coordination on a global level: prudent regulation and supervision on a national level alone is not sufficient to ensure that we lay the groundwork for a sustainable growth path. This report discusses the recent research findings and the various regulation proposals—at both the national and international level—in order to better identify the areas of consensus (if any) on these important issues. It ultimately aims to contribute to help firms and governments to craft the best policies for promoting socially responsible and sustainable economies.
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Business and Politics: Which Drives Which?
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Bolder Policies for Diversity at the Top
Bolder Policies for Diversity at the Top
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The Quantitative Revolution and the Crisis
The popular press and a recent spate of remarkable books have pointed critically to the contribution of financial innovation and quantitative models to the financial crisis. These critiques have cited particular statistical approaches, such as the Gaussian copula, for massively underestimating systemic risk. The broader critiques doubt the risk management capabilities of firms and regulators to understand and evaluate complex financial instruments, such as synthetic securities. These critiques cut at the core of the Basel II international regulations which permitted banks to create their own models to value illiquid and risky assets. They also have major implications for the design of a regulatory system and regulations regarding whether regulation is at all possible, who is best able to do it, and ultimately if complex financial innovation should be sharply curtailed.
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Universities, Careers, and Women
This research symposium brought together leading faculty and researchers in the area of social economics with distinguished speakers in business, universities and the professions. The speakers presented research and observations on the impact of the revolution in participation rates of women in higher education and on their subsequent career advancement in the professions — including law, business, medicine, engineering, science and academia. A panel of leading practitioners and academics discussed the implications of these research results for today's education of women in American universities.
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Bernstein's Mass
A true American icon, Leonard Bernstein wrote his most eclectic work Mass: A Theatre Piece for Singers, Players and Dancers for the 1971 opening of the Kennedy Center. Though 38 years have passed since its debut, the spiritual and political messages of Bernstein's Mass are still as relevant as ever.
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Inclusive Leadership, Stereotyping, and the Brain
Leading effectively in today's workplace requires the ability to manage many types of diversity, including cultural, gender, and generational diversity. A key challenge to leaders is the tendency for societal stereotypes to bias one's evaluations and expectations. The psychology of stereotyping, and of strategies for minimizing its influence, is thus highly relevant to managers and organizations. Research in social psychology, and social cognitive neuroscience, provides insights about how and when stereotypes affect judgments. In this research conference, we explore these scientific insights and draw out some of their practical implications for managing diversity and inclusive leadership.
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Neil Young: photographs by Joel Bernstein
A catalogue for the exhibition of Neil Young photographs by Joel Bernstein held at Snap Galleries, London in September 2012
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