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Bermuda Society & Culture Complete Report
Need to know it all? Our all-inclusive culture report for Bermuda will get up to speed on all aspects of culture in Bermuda, including lifecycle, religion, women, superstitions & folklore, sports, holidays & festivals, and etiquette.
Category: Social Science. ISBN: 1607803143

The Golden Triangle
In the aftermath of World War I, French gentleman-thief Arsene Lupin is recovering from injuries he suffered in battle. Lupin stumbles across evidence of a nefarious plot targeting one of the nurses responsible for his speedy recovery. Will he be able to derail the dastardly plan before it unfolds?
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 1776534484

Asia's Alliance Triangle
Drawing together articles from the new online journal The Asan Forum, commissioned from leading experts in the USA, Japan, and South Korea, this book reconsiders what we thought we knew about the three legs of this alliance triangle.
Category: Political Science. ISBN: 9781137541703

Out of the Triangle
A tale of amazing adventure and daring has been related in these pages. Bamford dwells on the plight of the Christians as they struggled against the heathens and fought the battle of survival. The work further portrays the miracle of true and stable belief. The work monopolizes the reader's attention from the very beginning.
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 9781425078232

A Global Security Triangle
This book considers the interactions between Africa, Asia and Europe, analysing the short and long term strategies various states have adopted to external relations. The urgency attached to the agenda of international terrorism and human and drugs- trafficking has forced the European Union into new cooperation with Africa and Asia. These inter-regional relations have taken on new dimensions in the context of contemporary international politics framed by new security challenges, and new competitive forces particularly from Asia. This book provides both conceptual and empirical arguments to offer an innovative perspective on the EU as a global actor. It demonstrates how these three regions interact politically and economically to address global challenges as well as global opportunities, and thus provides an assessment of the multilateralism which the EU clearly stated in its Security Strategy paper. Addressing a broad range of topical issues, the book features chapters on European Security; European Migration Policy; African Union and its peace and security policy; Terrorism and international security; China and its fast growing global role; India, the biggest democracy in the world; and the impact of the Asian economic growth on the global economy. Further it compares the different backgrounds, forms and priorities of regional integrations. A Global Security Triangle will be of interest to all scholars of European politics, security studies, African and Asian studies, and International Relations.
Category: Political Science. ISBN: 9780415496575

The Troubled Triangle
The US, China, and Japan form a 'troubled triangle,' with each country negotiating its foreign policy toward the other two in response to economic and security pressures that operate as an interrelated duality. Written by international relations experts, this book examines how the three countries respond to this set of pressures and to each other.
Category: Political Science. ISBN: 9781137321992

Triangle of Alliance
If someone told you, you were destined to save the Universe, could you rise to the challenge? Teenagers Seth, Con and Zelda must do just that. Brought together by the seer, X, a man with his own cross to bear, they are The Triangle of Alliance. And it falls to them to prevent the takeover of the Universe by arch nemesis the Insidious Force.
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 9781906873103

Lynne's Love Triangle
[Mnage Amour: Erotic Mnage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, May-December, Bondage, light BDSM] What happens when a home-made sex video goes viral? Lynne can tell you it's not all bad, besides losing her job and the random stalker. She does get to have Elvis in her bed, but when forced to choose between her two young lovers will she be able to give either of them up? [Erotic Romance: Contains graphic sexual content and adult language.]
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 9781606018446

The Golden Triangle
No Description Available
Category: Social Science. ISBN: 9780801458439

Le Triangle d'or
1915. Le capitaine Belval poursuit sa convalescence Paris. Par le plus grand des hasards, il surprend une conversation. Il n'y a pas de doute, Coralie, la jeune et jolie infirmire que tous ceux qui sont passs par son ambulance adorent, est en danger. Elle est menace d'enlvement. Aid de ses camarades, Patrice Belval russit la sauver. Mais pourquoi la jeune femme, qu'ils appellent affectueusement maman Coralie , ne veut-elle pas entendre parler de la police, ni mme de la protection que lui propose le capitaine amoureux d'elle depuis le premier jour o elle l'a soign ? Elle lui dfend de la revoir. De nombreux indices prouvent Patrice que le danger subsiste mais il passe outre l'interdiction et se retrouve au cur d'une machination infernale. De tous cts des prils surgissent et, pour les conjurer, il faudrait Belval l'aide de quelqu'un d'exceptionnel. Arsne Lupin en somme. Or Lupin est mort : il s'est jet dans la mer du haut d'un rocher. Mais sait-on jamais avec ce diable d'homme ?
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 9782253163138
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