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The Aid Triangle
Focuses on the human dynamics of the myriad relationships underlying international aid; from impoverished farmers to aid workers; donor diplomats to multilateral beaurocrats; and, celebrities to activists. This book illustrates how the aid system incorporates power relationships, and therefore relationships of dominance.
Category: Business. ISBN: 9781842779101

Triangle of Terror
STORMING THE GATES A secret intelligence task force has unleashed the rogue fury of black ops at the highest reaches of the U.S. Administration. Shrouded in lies, the group has spun its web and baited the President. Its mandate to protect him becomes a smoke screen for an insidious agenda: the overthrow of the American government. Mack Bolan has witnessed the darkest conspiracies at the heart of evil, but this is the ultimate treason. The scheme links the deaths of innocent marines, the razing of an illegal POW camp in Brazil and enough nerve agents to turn Main Street, U.S.A., into a ghost town. As the hours tick down toward anarchy, the Executioner is seeking the clues that will point the guilty fi nger at the most ruthless traitor in the history of the republic.
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 9780373643288

The Internal Triangle
This book presents the first new theory of female development based on drive theory since Helene Deutsch's Psychology of Women in 1945. Holmes posits an 'internal triangle'an intrapsychic structure unique to female development. Consisting of mother and father introjects in relation to the self, it is set up on a fantasy level to help girls separate from and gain control over early objects. In this way, it functions for the girl like the penis does for the boy. Integration and realignment of the triangle, Holmes argues, occur at adolescence, during pregnancy and childbirth, at menopause and even in old age.
Category: Psychology & Psychiatry. ISBN: 9780765705495

The Marketing-Sales-Finance Triangle
This thesis addresses important research gaps in the literature on the marketing-finance interface. While there have been considerable research activities on marketing-finance topics such as marketing assets or marketing metrics, only few scholars have looked at the organizational interface between marketing and finance. We know surprisingly little about how marketing, sales, and finance units actually work together within organizations. In his PhD thesis Dirk Weissbrich chooses a qualitative research design to gain insight into this unknown organizational phenomenon. Drawing on 78 face-to-face interviews with managers from marketing, sales, and finance in 42 companies, the author develops a better understanding of the organizational link between marketing, sales, and finance units. Specifically, Dirk Weissbrich makes three major research contributions. First, the author introduces the idea of the marketing-sales-finance triangle and explores eight finance-related key interaction fields and decision areas: (1) Plans & Budgets, (2) Reports & Analyses, (3) Cost Optimization, (4) Calculations & Investment Management, (5) Financial Accounting, (6) Debtor Management, (7) Compliance & Risk Management, and (8) Pricing. The author describes in detail how marketing, sales, and finance cooperate in each key interaction field and decision area. Second, the author discusses each function's value added to the respective interaction field and decision area in the marketing-sales-finance-triangle. On the basis of these interaction field specific insights, a more general picture on the role of each function in the marketing-sales-finance triangle is developed.
Category: Business. ISBN: 9783834919212

Nationalism in the Troubled Triangle
Nationalism in the Troubled Triangle is the first systematic study of nationalism in Cyprus, Greece and Turkey from a comparative perspective. Bringing scholars from Greece, Turkey and both sides of Cyprus (and beyond) together, the book provides a critical account of nation-building processes and nationalist politics in all three countries.
Category: Social Science. ISBN: 9780230579156

The God/Man/World Triangle
Why is there a world? Does it reflect the presence of God in any way? Did the world spontaneously come into existence or is there a creator? How will it end? Does God Exist? Do religions give a coherent view of His existence and nature? Can we enter into relation with Him? Robert Crawford tries to answer these and other questions by arguing that religion and science complement one another and, while they use different sources and methods, insights can be gleaned from both concerning our nature, the world, and God. Major attention is given to Christianity because modern science arose in that context but the discussion includes the teachings of five other religions in the hope that we can also learn from them.
Category: Science. ISBN: 9780333689356

Ma chambre au Triangle d'or
Aprs Ma Ligne 13 et a va mal finir , Pierre-Louis Basse publie Ma chambre au Triangle d'or , dernier volet d'une trilogie sociale croisant la fiction et le reportage. Cette fois, le narrateur, victime d'un cambriolage, dcide brutalement de quitter sa banlieue - quartier dshrit, voitures qui flambent - pour rejoindre le luxe absolu du VIIIe arrondissement parisien ; sous les toits, au coeur d'un monde presque virtuel, le narrateur renoue avec ces rencontres de hasard et d'amiti : Dragan, le garde du corps nomade attach aux grandes familles saoudiennes, Amlia, la standardiste du George V qui combat la prcarit, Eddy, flambeur ivoirien, dealer mystrieux, douard, le voiturier qui vit Sarcelles et n'en revient pas de tout cet argent ; et puis la solitude, terrible, de ces vieilles femmes transformes par la chirurgie et qui tournent, dans ces trois rues, la recherche d'un pass perdu Au bras de son amour, Line, insouciante et libre, le narrateur fait l'apprentissage d'un pays o s'achtent des blousons en croco 56 000 euros ; o il fait bon vivre dans des appartements de plus de 500 mtres carrs. Au bout du voyage, le narrateur ne parviendra pas se consoler d'avoir abandonn les siens. Certes, la vie est tranquille dans les beaux quartiers, mais l'on devine aussi qu'un jour ou l'autre la haine et l'envie, de l'autre ct du priphrique, pourraient dbarquer l'improviste. trange univers o l'on se damne pour un sac Kelly de chez Herms, une prsence visible au Pershing Hall, une fourrure chez Gianfranco Ferr, une fille pour la nuit 4 000 euros ; trange univers o la blancheur domine (pas plus de Noirs que d'Arabes) et le cynisme est roi. Fatigu d'avoir grimper chaque jour sept tages, le coeur lche et le narrateur finira par se replier dans sa lointaine banlieue.
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 9782234067349

Nationalism in the Troubled Triangle
Nationalism in the Troubled Triangle is the first systematic study of nationalism in Cyprus, Greece and Turkey from a comparative perspective. Bringing scholars from Greece, Turkey and both sides of Cyprus (and beyond) together, the book provides a critical account of nation-building processes and nationalist politics in all three countries.
Category: Political Science. ISBN: 9780230579156

Ghosts of Mississippis Golden Triangle
The Golden Triangle is an institutional hub, but restless spirits of Native Americans, Civil War soldiers and slaves also wander this region. Tales of a mysterious watchman who patrols the railroad tracks between Artesia and Mayhew haunt curious locals. Ed Kuykendall Sr. is rumored to manage Columbus's Princess Theater from beyond the grave. A young girl who died while attempting to free her head from a stair banister is said to still wander the halls of Waverly. Author Alan Brown uncovers the eerie thrills and chills within Mississippi's Golden Triangle.
Category: History. ISBN: 9781467136068

The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire
In the early years of the twentieth century, conditions were harsh in factories all over New York City, but they proved devastating at one in particular. On March 25, 1911, a fast-moving fire destroyed the top three floors of the building in which the Triangle Shirtwaist factory was located. One hundred and forty-six young women and several men died in the worst workplace disaster to take place in the United States to that date. Cluttered and unsanitary conditions in the factory contributed to the blaze, but what fueled the public's outrage was the failure of the factory's owners to establish and maintain a safe working environment in the first place. The fire at the Triangle factory inspired dozens of reforms and spurred legislation to enforce workplace safety. It also contributed to an awakening attitude of social awareness and responsibility nationwide.
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction. ISBN: 9780791096413
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