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Tom Klobe, founding director of the University of Hawai'i Art Gallery and emeritus professor, draws upon three decades of award-winning design work to produce a definitive text on what makes for compelling and unforgettable museum exhibitions
Category: Business. ISBN: 9781933253695

Creating Exhibitions
This is a must-read for the nervous novice as well as the world-weary veteran. The book guides you through every aspect of exhibit making, from concept to completion. The say the devil is in the details, but so is the divine. This carefully crafted tome helps you to avoid the pitfalls in the process, so you can have fun creating something inspirational. It perfectly supports the dictumif you don't have fun making an exhibit, the visitor won't have fun using it. Jeff Hoke, Senior Exhibit Designer at Monterey Bay Aquarium and Author of The Museum of Lost Wonder Structured around the key phases of the exhibition design process, this guide offers complete coverage of the tools and processes required to develop successful exhibitions. Intended to appeal to the broad range of stakeholders in any exhibition design process, the book offers this critical information in the context of a collaborative process intended to drive innovation for exhibition design. It is indispensable reading for students and professionals in exhibit design, graphic design, environmental design, industrial design, interior design, and architecture.
Category: Art. ISBN: 9781118306345

Designing Exhibitions
Whether a world fair, an art gallery, a museum or trade show, all exhibitions deal with the same basic commodities, objects and informative space.A The skill of the exhibition designer lies in using suitable techniques to ensure that the objects are explained in an accessible way to the widest audience. This guide deals with the whole range of exhibition design, describing both people and processes involved in briefing, mounting, maintaining and evaluating exhibitions. It provides the essential principles of designing an exhibition, whatever its nature and size, and serves as an introduction for the non-specialist and a guide to good practice for students and professionals alike.
Category: Business. ISBN: 9780566083174

Ausstellungen entwerfen Designing Exhibitions
Eine gelungene Ausstellung ist das ausgewogene Resultat von Kommunikation, Wissensvermittlung, Interaktion, Erlebnis und Kontemplation. Dieses erfolgreiche, schon mehrmals nachgedruckte, nunmehr aktualisierte Handbuch erlutert in knapper Form die entscheidenden Entstehungsphasen von Ausstellungen anhand markanter Beispiele aus der Gestaltungspraxis der Autoren. Themen sind Konzeption und Entwurf, Prsentation und Inszenierung, Darstellung und Vermittlung, Text und Grafik, Typografie und Layout, Licht und Beleuchtung. Die grundlegenden Schritte im Gestaltungsprozess werden mit Skizzen, Diagrammen, Plnen, Wandabwicklungen, Simulationen, Darstellungen, Arbeitsmodellen und Fotos veranschaulicht. Bertron Schwarz Frey (Berlin und Ulm) zhlt zu den fhrenden Bros fr Ausstellungsgestaltung in Deutschland.
Category: Art. ISBN: 9783034607179

Thinking About Exhibitions
An anthology of writings on exhibition practice from artists, critics, curators and art historians plus artist-curators. It addresses the contradictions posed by museum and gallery sited exhibitions, as well as investigating the challenge of staging art presentations, displays or performances, in settings outside of traditional museum or gallery locales.
Category: Reference. ISBN: 9780415115896

Conservation and Exhibitions
Conservation and Exhibitions: Packing, Transport, Storage, and Environmental Considerations presents the theory and practice in exhibitions conservation. The book aims to promote better conservation practices and less wear and tear of works of art. Topics discussed in the book include conservation principles, examining and reporting a work of art's structural stability, preparation and handling, and storage. Traditional and newer packing techniques, case and container design and construction, transportation modes, strategies and equipment, and loan agreements and insurance are also covered in detail. Conservator practitioners, exhibition organizers, technicians, and transportation specialists will find the book very useful.
Category: Business. ISBN: 9780408014342

The Art of Museum Exhibitions
Leslie Bedford, former director of the highly regarded Bank Street College museum leadership program, expands the museum professional's vision of exhibitions beyond the simple goal of transmitting knowledge to the visitor. Her view of exhibitions as interactive, emotional, embodied, imaginative experiences opens a new vista for those designing them. Using examples both from her own work at the Boston Children's Museum and from other institutions around the globe, Bedford offers the museum professional a bold new vision built around narrative, imagination, and aesthetics, merging the work of the educator with that of the artist. It is important reading for all museum professionals.
Category: Archaeology. ISBN: 9781611323108

Monographic Exhibitions and the History of Art
This edited collection traces the impact of monographic exhibitions on the discipline of art history from the first examples in the late eighteenthcentury through the present. Roughly falling into three genres (retrospectives of living artists, retrospectives of recently deceased artists, and monographic exhibitions of Old Masters), specialists examine examples of each genre within their social, cultural, political, and economic contexts. Exhbitions covered include Nathaniel Hone's 1775 exhibition, the Holbein Exhibition of 1871, the Courbet retrospective of 1882, Titian's exhibition in Venice, Poussin's Louvre retrospective of 1960, and El Greco's anniversaty exhibitions of 2014.
Category: History. ISBN: 9781138712485

Connecting Kids to History with Museum Exhibitions
Kids have profound and important relationships to the past, but they don't experience history in the same way as adults. For museum professionals and everyone involved in informal history education and exhibition design, this book is the essential new guide to creating meaningful and memorable connections to the past for children. This vital museum audience possesses many of the same dynamic qualities as trained historiancuriosity, inquiry, empathy for the human experienceyet traditional history exhibitions tend to focus on passive looking in the galleries, giving priority to relaying information through words. D. Lynn McRainey and John Russick bring together top museum professionals to present state-of-the-art research and practice that respects and incorporates kids' developmental stages and learning preferences and the specific ways in which kids connect to history. They provide concrete tools for audience research and evaluation; exhibition development and design; and working with kids as "creative consultants." The only book to focus comprehensively on history exhibits for kids, Connecting Kids to History With Museum Exhibitions shows how to enhance the experiences of a vitally important but frequently the least understood museum audience.
Category: Archaeology. ISBN: 9781598743821

Visitor-Centered Exhibitions and Edu-Curation in Art Museums
Visitor-Centered Exhibitions and Edu-Curation in Art Museums promotes balanced practices that are visitor-centered while honoring the integrity and powerful storytelling of art objects. Book examples present challenges and best practices that move beyond the turning point, where curation and education are engaged in full and equal collaboration.
Category: BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Museum Administration & Museology. ISBN:
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