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Fire Basket
In the years between the wars, Edith May Faulks from the Rhondda Valley in Wales goes into service in the London home of Lord and Lady Havis, leaving behind her brothers and sisters and her old way of life. There she meets and falls in love with Peter. But he is sent away to New York, where he mysteriously disappears and Edith is forced to move on. Eventually marrying and settling on the Dorset coast, Edith has to raise her children on her own while her husband, Leslie, is away at war, and their lives are played out against a backdrop of air raids, ration books and shortages of food and clothing. Despite all their privations and difficulties, they get by. But the return of a ghost from Edith's past threatens to disrupt the life she has tried so hard to provide for herself and her family...
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 9781847487803

One Basket
A rich, varied, and brilliant collection of some of the most-loved stories from one of America's favorite writers, chosen by the author herself, Pulitzer Prize winner Edna Ferber. At eighteen, Edna Ferber was the only female reporter on a big, tough, midwestern daily, covering everything from fires and accidents, to divorces and murders. It was here that she learned how to write and spin the raw material from her own life into numerous fascinating stories, novels, and plays. Increasing in number over the course of a long and glorious career, One Basket collects these beloved stories that, like her novels, present Ferber's brilliant cross-section of American life.
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 9780345805782

Basket Case
Serenity a mom? The thought's enough to make her crack.
Category: Children's & Young Adult Fiction. ISBN: 9781595543851

Basket Case
First in the Silver Six Crafting Mystery Series! There isn't much crime in Lilyvale, Arkansas, but local authorities have their hands full with Ms. Sherry Mae Stanton Cutler and her housematesa crafty group of retirees who've dubbed themselves the Silver Six. But when Sherry Mae's niece, Nixy, arrives to keep them in line, Lilyvale also plays host to a killer. When Leslee Stanton Nixy Nix gets the latest call from Lilyvale detective Eric Shoar, she knows it means trouble. There's been another kitchen explosion at her Aunt Sherry's farmhouse, and the dreamy-voiced detective has had enough. If Nixy doesn't check on her aunt in person, the Silver Six could become wards of the court. But the trouble Nixy finds in Lilyvale is not at all what she expects. The seniors are hosting a folk art festival at the farmhouse, featuring Sherry's hand-woven baskets, when land developer Jill Elsman arrives to bully Nixy's aunt into selling the property. When Jill is later found dead in the cemetery, Sherry is suspected of weaving a murder plot, and it's up to Nixy and the Silver Six to untangle the truth. RECIPES AND CRAFTING TIPS INCLUDED!
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 9780425275726

Buzzer Basket
State University's basketball team is in jeopardy. At mid-season, a new coach, with an entirely different system of play, takes over. And Chip, who had been working too hard at his job at State Drug, his studies, and basketball practice, is temporarily put on the inactive list. The result is almost disastrous for the team. Chip Hilton is faced with one of his most severe challenges. Will he be able to pull the team together again? Can he convince Coach Mike Stone to adopt the type of play that has made the team champions? The inspiring answers await you in Buzzer Basket.
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 9780805420999

Basket Case
A rollicking and hilarious novel from the bestselling author of Bad Monkey and Razor Girl. Jack Tagger's years in exile at the obituaries desk of a South Florida daily haven't dulled his investigative reporter's nose for a good story. When Jimmy Stoma, the infamous front man of Jimmy and the Slut Puppies, dies in a fishy scuba accident, Jack sees his ticket back to page oneif only he can figure out what really happened. Standing in his way are, just for starters, his ambitious young editor, who hasn't yet fired anyone but plans to break her cherry on Jack; the rock star's pop-singer widow, who's using the occasion of her husband's death to relaunch her own career; and the soulless, profit-hungry owner of the newspaper, whom Jack once publicly humiliated at a stockholders' meeting. Following clues from the late rock singer's own music, Jack tries to unravel the lies surrounding Jimmy Stoma's strange fate.
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 9780375411076

Basket of Deplorables
This book is hilariously funny and blackly despairing, often at the same time.' Age Almost true stories for a post-truth world A Manhattan party on election night. Liberal media types gather with big grins and high-end canaps to watch the Trump-Clinton results come in, expecting a smooth victory for Hillary. As the outcome shifts and they descend into panic, the host stands abruptly before her guests, confessing a shocking crime of years before. What follows is a series of witty, cutting, addictive tales of Trump times, portraying Democrats and Republicans in a divided America, from powerful to powerless, angry to thwarted, from a Starbucks barista who dreams of making it onstage, to a couple whose online date goes bitterly awry, to a charmingly wicked US businessman living undercover in rural Italy. Basket of Deplorables is a timely take on the craziness of today: almost-true fiction for a post-truth world. Tom Rachman is the author of two novels, The Rise and Fall of Great Powers (2014) and The Imperfectionists (2010), an international bestseller that has been translated into 25 languages. Rachman, who was born in London in 1974 and raised in Vancouver, joined the Associated Press in New York and has worked as an AP correspondent in Rome and for the International Herald Tribune in Paris. His writing has appeared widely including in the New York Times and the New Statesman . He lives in London. When a Tom Rachman novel lands in the bookstores I stop living and breathing to devour it. It's hard to think of anyone who has a better grasp on the world we live in (and I mean, like, the entire planet) and can write about it with such entertainment and panache.' Garry Shteyngart on The Rise and Fall of Great Powers This acutely funny novel shows the great powers in our lives are often those closest to home.' North & South Magazine on The Rise and Fall of Great Powers I'm still reeling from this powerful and provocative novel...[it] offers a gruelling assessment of humanity, mercifully tempered by some angels in disguise.' Herald-Sun on 'The Rise and Fall of Great Powers A darkly funny and timely collection, though hopefully not too topical Basket of Deplorables should appeal to those readers who don't mind their fiction infused with a dash of politics, not to mention fans of shows like Veep and Black Mirror .' AU Review
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 9781925603132

Aunt Cyrilla's Christmas Basket
In Aunt Cyrilla's Christmas Basket, Lucy Rose tries to talk her folksy Aunt Cyrilla out of bringing her big, bulgy, funny-looking basket to the city to deliver Christmas goodies to their relatives in the city. When their train is stranded during a snow storm, Aunt Cyrilla and her fellow passengers team up to provide a proper Christmas morning for the little ones in their care.
Category: Children's & Young Adult Fiction. ISBN: 9781974915743

The Basket Ball
Lulu prefers playing basketball to playing with dolls. So when the boys won't let her join their school-yard team, she decides to host a Basket Ballwhere ball gowns are traded in for sequined basketball jerseys and high-top heels! Girls travel from all over the world to attend the ball, shooting hoops, showing off their skills, and forming a league of their own. Bestselling and award-winning author Esm Raji Codell has crafted an action-packed, slam-dunk picture book that will appeal to girlie girls and sporty girls alike. The book includes a glossary of basketball terms.
Category: Children's & Young Adult Fiction. ISBN: 9781419700071

The Courtship Basket
Years ago, a picnic basket brought two hearts together. For Rachel and Mike, history may be about to repeat itself.
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 9780310352891
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