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Finish Strong: Putting YOUR Priorities First at Life’s End
From the president of Compassion & Choices, the guide to achieving the positive end-of-life experience you want and deserve. It's hard to talk about death in America. But even though the topic has been taboo, life's end is an eventual reality. So why not shape it to our values? FINISH STRONG is for those of us who want an end-of-life experience to match the life we've enjoyed. We know we should prepare, but are unsure how to think and talk about it, how to live true to our values and priorities, and how to make our wishes stick. The usual advice about advance directives and conversations is important but woefully inadequate. This book describes concrete action in the here and now to help live our best lives to the end. FINISH STRONG will guide you through: * Finding a partner-doctor to honor your values and beliefs with humanity, deference and candor. * Identifying what matters most as vigor wanes and stating your priorities. * Having meaningful conversations with doctors and family about expectations and wishes. * Staying off the "overtreatment conveyor belt." * Knowing when "slow medicine" is the best option to maintain quality of life. 
* Navigating home hospice, the ultimate healing experience. Written with candor and clarity by a nurse, physician assistant and attorney who became a leading advocate for end-of-life options, this book can help you FINISH STRONG.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~CHAPTERS:
  • An Invitation
  • Talking About Death Won't Kill You (But It Could Improve Your Life)
  • Overtreatment and Diminishing Returns
  • Let Me Die Like a Doctor
  • Hope & Heroism
  • Hospice: The Healing Option
  • The Secret of Slow Medicine
  • Escaping Dementia
  • Inside a Growing Advocacy
  • People Taking Control
  • Space for the Sacred
  • It's Harder Than You Think (But You Can Do It)
  • Appendix: Tools to Take Charge
  • Published by: Compassion & Choices | Publication date: 01/08/2019
    Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 267 pages

    Finish Strong Teen Athlete: A Guide for Developing the Champion Within
    Finish Strong Teen Athlete is Dan Green's follow up to his best-selling book Finish Strong (the book and the mantra the New Orleans Saints used along their journey to become the 2009 Super Bowl Champions). Finish Strong Teen Athlete identifies 16 key principles for developing the champion within, and no matter which sport is played, any teen athlete (male or female) can learn from it. With "quick hit chapters" and visually stimulating graphics, teens will benefit from this inspiring collection of stories and lessons learned; offering life changing potential. Chapters on topics include: Respect, Enthusiams, commitment, priorities, risk, passion, courage, goals, strength, opportunity, integrity, purpose, faith, vision, dream and patience. Finish Strong Teen Athlete makes a great gift for any teenager (male or female) who loves sports...any sport. The book not only will inspire them to be better at their chosen sport, but it will also prepare them for the game of life. A fantastic guide for parents and coaches alike. "Dan Green's book is a must-read for every athlete commited to winning at the most important game of all: the game of life". Charlie Ward, Heisman Trophy winner, NBA player and College Football Hall of Fame inductee.
    Author: Dan Green
    Published by: Simple Truths | Publication date: 01/01/2013
    Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 267 pages

    Finish Strong: Amazing Stories of Courage and Inspiration
    Finish Strong, it's more than a statement, it's an attitude. The Finish Strong mindset is a powerful platform for achievement personally, professionally and spiritually. Finish Strong is packed with motivational and inspirational stories of individuals who overcame adversity to Finish Strong. Dan Green has written 20 engaging chapters guaranteed to give you a quick shot of inspiration and motivation. A must read for students, athletes, professionals and anyone looking for a new way to think about life. Some of the stories featured include: Bethany Hamilton, John Baker, Ray Kroc, Paul Hamm, Julie Moss, Ben Hogan and Helen Keller.
    Author: Dan Green
    Published by: Simple Truths | Publication date: 05/01/2008
    Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 267 pages