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Balance Fitness
Balance Fitness
Uploaded by balancefitness on 04/13/2009
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Balance Fitness Communication Plan
Corporate communication plan including marketing strategies for Balance Fitness
Uploaded by balancefitness on 04/13/2009
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Balance Brochure
Balance Fitness Brochure
Uploaded by balance on 01/20/2009
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Group Schedule
Balance Fitness Group Schedule
Uploaded by balance on 01/20/2009
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Fitness camps contributes to physical fitness
If you are particular about physical fitness, it would be beneficial to your body in many ways. Physical exercise decreases the risk of chronic disease, improves balance and coordination along with reducing unwanted fat and body weight.
Uploaded by lillianthomas on 01/10/2011
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UWA Recreation & Fitness Centre Group Fitness Timetable Nov28 - Dec23
The Group Fitness Timetable for classes held at the UWA Recreation & Fitness Centre from Nov 28 to Dec 23.
Uploaded by recreate on 11/29/2011
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Improve Your Work Life Balance A Practical Guide to Balancing Work Family and Life
Are you stressed? Do you constantly feel like there isn’t enough hours in the day? Balancing Australia® recognises the major role that work plays in your quest to achieve work-life balance. Having an employer who is supportive, committed and flexible creates an opportunity to adjust work arrangements to meet individual circumstances. This results in many benefits for the employee while creating significant wins for employers: improved productivity, engagement and retention, and the ability to attract engaged staff.
Uploaded by balancingaustralia on 05/20/2012
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New Balance Q2 Newsletter 2012
Q2 2012 issue of the New Balance Newsletter. This issue: New Breed on-line community launched / NB sponsored athlete development squad / Team NB Olympic
Uploaded by newbreedrunning on 05/19/2012
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Fitness Fundamentals
It seems everyone today is interested in getting fit. Maintaining our bodies in good health is the most important thing we can do to make sure we enjoy a balanced, productive life.Many people take their health for granted, believing that once they've achieved all of their goals in life, then they can take the time to focus on living a healthy lifestyle. “Fitness Fundamentals” will show you how to achieve those lifestyle goals and be healthy in the process.You'll learn the basics of healthy living, how to choose the exercise that's right for you, why balanced diet is crucial, and the importance of feeding your body and your mind in the right way. Yes, you need to learn to feed your mind in the same way that you feed your body. You'll learn all these lessons and much more in “Fitness Fundamentals.” Get your copy today, and get started on the road to enjoying a healthier life than you ever thought possible.
Uploaded by misanthrobeast on 07/06/2012
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Balance Brochure 2012
Balance Brochure 2012
Uploaded by tyusana on 09/30/2012
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