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All About Baby Boomers
The baby boomer generation, which has made a great impact on the nation, is one of the most enterprising America has ever seen. However, the baby boomers are now in their old age and close to bidding good-bye to this world. To know more about the effects of this on American society and economy and also to learn some interesting baby boomer facts, read the 97-page eBook, “All About Baby Boomers.”
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Tips for baby boomers on weight loss
For a guide on how to acheive weight lost for baby boomers vist
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Baby Boomers & Seniors EXPO Puerto Rico 2012
Baby Boomers & Seniors EXPO Puerto Rico 2012
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The Awesome Evolution of Baby Boomers
Free eBook about the evolution and influence of baby boomers across various categories of life. Visit:
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Baby Boomers & Seniors EXPO Puerto Rico 2012
The biggest event for people over 50 years old in Puerto Rico & The Caribbean.
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More Self Defense for Baby Boomers
Self defense for those of us who are baby boomers is not about fighting harder, but being smarter. Have a basic crime prevention plan to follow and learn to make the most of your motor abilities. You can’t stop Mother Nature from aging us, but what we lose in physical attributes we can gain through knowledge and experience. You can feel less vulnerable and be more powerful and dangerous to criminal types by following your own permanent positive plan of crime prevention. Here is how.
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Baby Boomers Are Fastest Growing Segment in Entrepreneurial Wave
Recent Event Attracted Nearly 100 Baby Boomers to Discuss Benefits of Entrepreneurship
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Baby Boomers
gen y-ers and baby boomers
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The Three Major Demographics for Online Marketers (Part 2): Marketing to Baby Boomers
Baby Boomers are serious online shoppers and social media users; solely focusing on the younger audience means missing out an important part of the prosperous +55 market.
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Baby Boomers Beware
An e-book supplement to the book, Piggy Bank Your Home
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