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Risk Based Quality Management System Auditing
All organizations have challenges in their businesses, But these internal and external challenges pose a threat to our goals and risk of their nonfulfillment.
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Chartered Accountancy
Incepted in the year 1985, we, Jain & Anand Chartered Accountants have established ourselves as one of the premier Chartered Accountancy Firms in India. With our head office in New Delhi, India, we cater to the diverse requirements of our clients for Auditing, Taxation and other Accounting Servic...
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Australia Revises Audit System to Improve Audit Quality
The Australian government has passed a bill which would give the ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission) greater powers to check audit firms lacking in quality control.
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Establishing An Internal Audit Function
Many organisations that have previously not had an internal audit function are now establishing this activity, due to regulatory or business requirements. Others see the need to significantly change the traditional internal audit approach You may have just accepted a position as chief audit executive (CAE) and have been tasked with building or refocusing an internal audit function, or been given functional responsibility for setting up such a function Where do you begin? What should you undertake first? What are the critical components? When building or assessing an audit function, you must deal with both strategic and tactical considerations — everything from gaining senior management support to developing an audit plan. From a strategic standpoint, you will need to understand how the business intends to engage and benefit from internal auditing. The new CAE can then develop an effective project plan to establish or transform the audit function.
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ISO9001-2000Quality Management system Design
ISO9001-2000Quality Management system Design
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A new approach of audit functions and principles
In this paper, based on our experience and literature study, we propose a new set of audit functions to govern audit process effectiveness. We make a review of the existing literature to identify the audit principles with the aim to find connections between them and the newest audit functions.
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Release Management- A Smooth Version Control System
Technology and processes today increasingly drive business. As the world evolves, so do the business requirements. The need to get the right infrastructure and processes and adapt them to the changing requirements is the most crucial part of any business strategy.
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National Integrity System Greece
The unfolding of the Greek debt crisis has left a large number of its citizens on the margins, presenting one of the greatest socio‐economic upheavals in the nation’s history. It has also precipitated a broader political, financial and social crisis across the EU. With the effects of the crisis present and no immediate end in sight, it is important to understand the underlying emerging causes of failure. The issue of corruption has been singled out as one of the key concerns the country is facing. The current report analyses the state of the Greek National Integrity System (NIS), i.e. that framework of institutions and actors that play a key role in the promotion of transparency, integrity and accountability and the prevention of corruption.
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Technology Audit
Technology Audit (TA) enables organization leaders understand the present IT utilization levels. The Audit process typically begins by understanding the vision, mission and the business goals of the customer. A high level mapping of the current IT deployment in relation to the business objectives is carried out, and possible gaps between the business objectives and IT deployment is observed and noted.
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I-Command Pro Video Management System Brochure
I-Command Pro is COE's enterprise IP Management system. Intuitive, yet fully featured, I-Command Pro is expandable to manage and record thousands of video streams, hwilst offering simultaneous command and control for hundreds of operators.
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