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Why After Atos Assessment?
Everyone needs to be counted and accounted for. IF the government, DWP, Atos and local government wont do it, then we the people have to do it for ourselves and account for each other. No one should be lost. Not One. Even if they are lost, damaged, injured or gone we need to know and account for them and ask that the govt account for them and its actions.
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After Atos survey provides a way for those going through Atos ESA "Medical Assessments to record their experience. That way all can be accounted for.
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Atos Assessment Centres Uk
A list of all the Atos assessment centres in the UK and their facilities.
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Atos Origin Top
Atos Origin focus within the Outsourcing Project
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The Neal Recorder (The recorder Atos Require Claimants to use)
Neal recorder which Atos says is the recorder one has to provide/use If you wish your assessment recorded.
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Atos Audio Recording Pilot 2011
The pilot study by Atos into the viability of audio recording assessments.
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CS Atos Finland_Fujistu_EN
CS Atos Finland_Fujistu_EN
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Atos Computer Programme Manual (LIMA)
Atos Computer Programme Manual (LIMA)
Uploaded by atosvictims on 06/07/2011
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Atos Origin Conference Special 2004
“Bio-psychosocial problems need bio-psychosocial solutions” “What people believe influences how they react and what they do about it. The mind and the body interact and we need to understand how this works. We need patients to understand their situation, so they are more likely to go back to work.” “Patients can make a number of ‘secondary gains’ with these unexplained illnesses, such as: work absence as a reward for years of struggle; turning a socially unacceptable disability in to a more acceptable ‘organic’ disability caused by injury or disease beyond their control. They can blame their failures on the illness; elicit care, sympathy and concern from family and friends; avoid work or even sex; and there are financial rewards associated with disability.”
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Informativo semanal da PIB FRADE
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