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Astronomy Wise Jan 2013 Astronomy Magazine
Astronomy Wise is a free astronomy magazine, with a monthly star guide artices and interviews
Uploaded by davidbood on 01/05/2013
Digital publication details: 62 pages.

Astronomy Wise May 2013 Astronomy Magazine
Astreonomy Wise digitial magazineis a free to read and download astronomy magazine, packed with features, interviews and the night sky
Uploaded by davidbood on 04/28/2013
Digital publication details: 70 pages.

Designing Effective Astronomy Outreach ActivitiesBased on Education Research
We astronomy outreachers are passionate about sharing astronomy widely—but many astronomy outreach activities are designed more by how we hope things will work than in a careful intentional way. We also very rarely evaluate how well our activities are achieving our goals. As a result, many educational activities must be significantly less effective than they could be. Poster by Presentation by Linda Strubbe CITA (Toronto) / Member of OAD TF 2.
Uploaded by unawe on 08/29/2012
Digital publication details: 1 pages.

Heritage Sites of Astronomy and Archaeoastronomy
The study is the result of cooperation between the IAU Working Group on Astronomy and World Heritage and the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS). The Thematic study was published by ICOMOS and IAU, with the ISBN 978-2-918086-01-7 (e-book) and supported by Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (IAC) and Starlight Initiative.
Uploaded by starlightinitiative on 08/04/2010
Digital publication details: 283 pages.

Sorts of Astronomy Observatory Domes
Total, Astronomy is amid the oldest sciences known...
Uploaded by patch95shark on 07/16/2013
Digital publication details: 2 pages.

Heritage Sites of Astronomy and Archaeoastronomy
Eds.: Clive Ruggles and Michel Cotte. with contributions by: Margaret Austin, Juan Belmonte, Amanda Chadburn, Von Del Chamberlain, David DeVorkin, Eduardo Fayos-Solá, Danielle Fauque, Ivan Ghezzi, Ian Glass, He Nu, John Hearnshaw, Tofigh Heidarzadeh, Rebekah Higgitt, Jarita Holbrook, Manuela Incerti, Stanisław Iwaniszewski, Subhash Kak, Stéphane Le Gars, Stephen McCluskey, Giulio Magli, Cipriano Marín, Mikhail Marov, Ricardo Moyano, Casiana Muñoz-Tuñón, William Breen Murray, Efthymios Nicolaidis, Ray Norris, Park Jeong Eun, Juan Pérez Arencibia, Michael Rappenglück, Angel Rodriguez, Shi Yun-li, Malcolm Smith, John Steele, Richard Wainscoat, Richard Wielebinski, Tom Wilson, Gudrun Wolfschmidt, Günther Wuchterl, Michael Wright and Xu Fengxian. Published by ICOMOS and the International Astronomical Union.
Uploaded by pubcipriano on 12/21/2012
Digital publication details: 283 pages.

With the r...
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Digital publication details: 2 pages.

Astronomy Wise December EZine
Astronomy wise is a community based astronomy magazine, with reviews, news and articles
Uploaded by davidbood on 11/30/2012
Digital publication details: 72 pages.

In addition, the scientific heritage of male displ...
Uploaded by patch95shark on 07/16/2013
Digital publication details: 2 pages.

The International Year of Astronomy 2009
final report for the International Year of Astronomy 2009 was released at the European Week of Astronomy and Space Science in Lisbon, Portugal. The report shows that at least 815 million people in 148 countries participated in the world’s largest science event in decades.
Uploaded by vientdeme on 11/17/2012
Digital publication details: 13 pages.
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