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The California Cannabis Association (CCA) represents medical cannabis advocates, organizations, collective-dispensaries, physicians, patient-growers and individual members. CCA also will develop programs to expand the public knowledge and awareness of medical cannabis, and cannabis operations.
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A Framework for Automated Association Mining Over Multiple Databases
Literature on association mining, the data mining methodology that investigates associations between items, has primarily focused on efficiently mining larger databases. The motivation for association mining is to use the rules obtained from historical data to influence future transactions. However, associations in transactional processes change significantly over time, implying that rules extracted for a given time interval may not be applicable for a later time interval. Hence, an analysis framework is necessary to identify how associations change over time. This paper presents such a framework, reports the implementation of the framework as a tool, and demonstrates the applicability of and the necessity for the framework through a case study in the domain of finance.
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Medical Tourism Association Catalog
Medical Tourism Association Catalog
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Newsletter of the Master Gardeners Association of British Columbia
December issue of the quarterly publication of the provincial association of master gardeners
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What You Need to Know About Living In & Managing a Community Association
This comprehensive guide offers a better understanding of community associations for board presidents, new homeowners and community managers alike.
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Re-mining Positive and Negative Association Mining Results
Positive and negative association mining are well-known and extensively studied data mining techniques to analyze market basket data. Efficient algorithms exist to find both types of association, sepa-rately or imultaneously. Association mining is performed by operating on the transaction data. Despite being an integral part of the transaction data, the pricing and time information has not been incorporated into market basket analysis so far, and additional attributes have been handled using quantitative association mining. In this paper, a new approach is proposed to incorporate price, time and domain related attributes into data mining by re-mining the association mining results. The underlying factors behind positive and negative relationships, as indicated by the association rules, are characterized and described through the second data mining stagere-mining. The applicability of the methodology is demon-strated by analyzing data coming from apparel retailing industry, where…
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Columbia Association Newsletter - May 2011
The Columbia Association’s monthly newsletter for November 2011. This month’s feature stories include: Attention Business Professionals: Attend the First-Ever Columbia Association Business Expo; Bike Through History; Volunteers Needed; and CA's Outdoor Pool Schedule. For more information, visit
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D.G.T. Association Brochure December 2011
D.G.T. Association Brochure December 2011
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Kansas Quarter Horse Association 2010-11
Kansas Quarter Horse Association 2010-11kq
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Columbia Association Newsletter – July 2011
The Columbia Association’s monthly newsletter for July 2011. This month’s feature stories include: CA's Annual Report. For more information, visit
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