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Value Creation in Russian Companies: the Role of Intangible Assets
In today's changing economy managers of the leading companies understand that the key sources for value creation are Intangible Assets (IA). The latest surveys confirm the fact that nowadays these assets are the value drivers and not "traditional" assets having tangible form. The same surveys confirm the fact, that one third of all the effected investment solutions is based on the existing Intangible Assets, and that the decisions made on the basis of IA allow them to make a more accurate prediction of income and profitability of a company in the future, and, hence, the company's value for the shareholders. The research held in the paper defines the impact of fundamental value of both tangible and intangible assets on the market value of assets of Russian companies. As a general approach used herein for IA evaluation, the method of Calculated Intangible Value (CIV) offered by T. Stewart was chosen. According to CIV the evaluation of Intangible Assets is based on residual operating...
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Sage Fixed Assets Product Overview
Monitor and Control your companies assets with Sage Fixed Assets (FAS)
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Sage Fixed Assets Best Practices
Monitor and Control your assets with Sage Fixed Assets Solution (FAS).
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Distressed assets for sale
A place to buy and sell distressed assets
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AAA claims that Tangible Assets are Appealing to Investors
Vintage cars, art and wine are becoming an increasingly attractive type of asset class, according to AAA - who claims the volatile stock markets are driving people towards alternatives.
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How Can You Protect Your Assets Before Divorce - Simple Steps
The property that had been provided to you are joi...
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European Power Assets Database
The European Power Assets Database includes information on power assets that generate power through the use of fuel input sources like coal, hydro, fuel oil, natural gas, refinery gas, nuclear, and wind. It covers assets at any point in their lifecycle (operational, planned, under construction, abandoned), detailing generation capacity, output, year of commissioning, and stakeholders involved.This database is a one-stop solution for clients interested in understanding the power asset landscape in any European country.This database will help you to understand the ownership of power assets across the key markets of the EU.The European Power Assets Database provides information including source of energy, status of the asset, size/capacity, production/output, year of commissioning, year of decommissioning, load factor, major stakeholders, and transfer capacity of transmission lines.Understand the future outlook of a specific market through analyzing assets that are planned or under con...
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European Gas Assets Database
Datamonitor's European Gas Assets Database is designed to provide a comprehensive set of data about natural gas assets. It covers key EU countries and includes information on capacity, location, ownership, and the present status of a variety of gas projects in each of the countries covered.Covers key EU countries and includes data on capacity, location, ownership, and the present status of gas projects in each country.Provides additional details such as plans to expand capacities and expected completion dates of projects under construction.The key gas assets in the EU27 are restricted to 18 countries: Austria, Hungary, Netherlands, Spain, Czech Republic, Italy, Romania, the UK, Poland, Portugal, Germany, France, Latvia, Lithuania, Denmark, Belgium, Bulgaria, and Slovakia.Identify the key gas assets in the EU27 and their distribution in terms of operational, under construction, planned, proposed, and suspended.Understand the technical characteristics of various gas assets in the EU27...
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SRK Valuation of Mineral Assets held by Scandinavian Resources Group
Scandinavian Resources (SCR) has interests in a number of exploration projects in Sweden and Norway. The majority of the Assets held by SCR are at an early stage of development. The Assets can be grouped in order of materiality as follows: • Assets with Mineral Resource Estimates; • Exploration Targets with potential grade-tonnage ranges; and • Early stage Exploration Targets without potential grade-tonnage ranges. The majority of the Company’s Assets by number, and the overwhelming majority by materiality, are located within 50km of the town of Kiruna (northern Sweden), with iron being the primary commodity of interest. Kiruna has an extensive mining history and is located close to the world class Kiirunavaara magnetite iron mine in the northern part of the Fennoscandian Shield.
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2012 Assets & Opportunity Scorecard
The Assets & Opportunity Scorecard offers the most comprehensive look available at Americans’ financial security today and their opportunities to create a more prosperous future. The Scorecard explores how well residents are faring in the 50 states and the District of Columbia and assesses state policies that are helping residents build and protect assets across five issue areas: Financial Assets & Income, Businesses & Jobs, Housing & Homeownership, Health Care and Education.
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