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Practical Risk-Adjusted Performance Measurement - Carl Bacon
By documenting, with appropriate referencing, many of the ex-post risk measures in a structured format, filling gaps, encouraging consistency, suggesting new measures and highlighting possible areas of confusion or misrepresentation, this book is the ideal practitioners practical guide to ex-post performance measurement techniques.
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Tips for Choosing a Private Asset Management/Wealth Management Firm
A number of the Mauritius pay for administration s...
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Viewpoint - The struggle for supremacy in Asian asset management
The Asia Pacific region is emerging as the fastest-growing and most hotly contested region for global asset management. Just as foreign asset management firms are competing for a slice of the market, local governments in the Asia Pacific region are clamoring to attract asset management activity. For example, the market’s tax climate for hedge fund and private equity fund management has helped to seed the rapid growth of the alternative investment management industry. This report takes a high-level look at the tax environments in three distinctly different asset management centers in Asia. We present the key changes taking place and their potential impact on the future asset management climates in the region.
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New Policies for Mandatory Defined Contribution Pensions
Mandatory defined contribution pension markets are present in a growing number of countries around the world. But despite their popularity, policymakers continue to struggle with two key policy concerns. On the one hand, a number of design shortcomings encourages pension firms to charge high administrative fees. On the other hand, the global crisis that started in 2007 has reignited the debate on whether pension participants bear excessive investment risk. Both are valid policy concerns as their incidence can imply higher than expected levels of poverty among old age individuals.
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Affiliate Technologies
AffiliateTraction has developed a centralized, web based dashboard that integrates brand oversight vendors, affiliate networks, product datafeed solutions, promotion code tracking, and asset management into one interface.
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NFB Sensible Finance Magazine Issue 23
The NFB Sensible Finance Magazine, NFB's quarterly Personal Finance Magazine packed with articles relating to travel, investing, property, insurance, legal and other issues relevant to our everyday lives and finances.
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Viewpoint asset management: Emerging trends Asia Pacific
This is our third asset management Viewpoint to focus on the asset management industry in the Asia Pacific region. The first paper explored the impact of Dodd-Frank on asset managers in the region, and the second examined tax competition between Asia Pacific investment hubs. Forthcoming issues of Viewpoint will explore the future of distribution in the region. This paper takes a step back, identifying the high-level issues that are currently generating discussion among industry leaders across the region. Drawing on our conversations with clients, we aim to highlight the challenges facing firms in the short to medium term, rather than attempt to predict the future. The goal is to give asset management leaders a chance to benchmark their strategic thinking against that of their peers.
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Res Ipsa Loquitur: Work Trends at New Economy Firms
An Insiders Reflections on Work Trends at New Economy BigLaw Firms. While the New Economy may be over, the memory continues to live on in the effects it had on large law firms in America.
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Interoperability with HMI Systems Enables Leaner Asset Management
CMMS/Asset management software that seamlessly integrates with HMI systems provides you complete control by implementing equipment usage based preventive maintenance schedules. Not only will preventive maintenance triggers be enabled based on calendars and dates, but also on actual machine utilization levels – such as run time hours, cycles, or number of starts.Download the Whitepaper today.
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The Little Data Book on Private Sector Development 2012
One of a series of pocket-sized books that provide a quick reference to development data on different topics, 'The Little Data Book on Private Sector Development 2012' provides data for more than 20 key indicators on the business environment and private sector development in a single page for each of the World Bank member countries and other economies with populations of more than 30,000. These more than 200 country pages are supplemented by aggregate data for regional and income groupings.
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