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Proviso Township Assessment List
Cook County Assessor List
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2011 University of Virginia Sustainability Assessment
The 2011 UVA Sustainability Assessment presents a comprehensive look at the University's progress towards sustainability. The Assessment reports on major sustainability actions that have occured in the last five years and identifies opportunities to further enhance sustainability at UVA.
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Urban Risk Assessments: Understanding Disaster and Climate Risk in Cities
This book presents a framework, the Urban Risk Assessment, for assessing disaster and climate risk in cities which is intended to assist in decision-making, urban planning, and designing risk management programs. The approach seeks to strengthen coherence and consensus within and across cities in understanding and planning for risk from natural disasters and climate change. The target audience for this book includes policy makers, urban practitioners and technical staff, and international organizations.
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Assessment Centre Location List
Assessment Centre Location List
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Implementing a National Assessment of Educational Achievement
Implementation of a National Assessment of Educational Achievement focuses on the practical tasks involved in running a large-scale national assessment program. It has four parts. Part I provides an overview of the tasks involved – how the essential activities of an assessment are organized and implemented, the personnel and resources that are required, and the tasks that follow the collection of data.
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Emerging Patterns in Transferring Assessment Practices from F2f to Online Environments
This study explores the transfer of assessment practices from f2f to online environments by college instructors, with a particular interest in the factors influencing assessment in online learning settings. Assessment is a critical aspect of the learning environment, and considerable research has suggested various methods of formative and summative assessment for the f2f classroom. However, there has been less research into the ways in which these traditional forms of assessment are being incorporated into the online learning environment, or whether they may even be appropriate. This study investigated the perceptions of seven higher education faculty, with experience teaching courses in both the f2f and online environments, regarding the transfer of assessment practices between the two delivery formats. Specifically, this study explored the transfer of assessment practices from f2f to online environments by college instructors in two higher education institutions: a four-year...
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Assessment in Action Issue 1
Assessment in Action is a publication of the Rutgers University Division of Student Affairs to help tell the story of assessment in our work. Assessment in Action will highlight both internal examples of assessment as well out external expert advice on the subject in hopes of making assessment a more natural part of our work. This publication will: Encourage conversation around various assessment topics; Encourage the continuing development of a culture of assessment and a culture of evidence in the division; Provide resources related to assessment practices; Introduce and explain the Mission Assessment and Alignment Planning (MAAP) program; and Highlight a variety of effective assessment practices from throughoutthe division.
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Whitepaper - Selecting Online DSE Systems – EssentialSkillz
Whitepaper - Selecting Online DSE Systems - from EssentialSkillz - leading supplier of world-class online Health & Safety training and risk assessment software.
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Assessment in Massive Open Online Courses
Abstract: Open online distance learning in higher education has quickly gained popularity, expanded, and evolved, with Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) as the most recent development. New web technologies allow for scalable ways to deliver video lect ure content, implement social forums and track student progress in MOOCs. However, we remain limited in our ability to assess complex and open-ended student assignments. In this paper, we present a study on various forms of assessment and their relationsh ip with the final exam score. In general, the reliability of both the self-assessments and the peer assessments was high. Based on low correlations with final exam grades as well as with other assessment forms, we conclude that self-assessments might not be a valid way to assess students performance in MOOCs. Yet the weekly quizzes and peer assessment significantly explained differences in students final exam scores, with one of the weekly quizzes as the strongest explanatory...
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Effective Practice with e-Assessment (March 2007)
Effective Practice with e-Assessment, was launched at the JISC Conference on 13 March 2007. This review of systems, technologies and practice in e-assessment features up-to-the-minute case studies from FE and HE to help institutions assess how they should prepare for computer use in assessment. Effective Practice with e-Assessment will be a valuable introduction to the domain of e-assessment for all those who manage, deliver or support educational practice in a technology-rich context - departmental heads, learning technologists, e-learning managers, staff development managers, examinations officers and administrators. It defines unfamiliar terms with the help of entries from the JISC/QCA e-Assessment Glossary and will also be of value for any practitioner exploring the role and value of technology in assessment practices.
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